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KSBF has received 387 thousand UAH of net profit in 2007
Jun 19 2008, 16:32

KHERSON, JUNE, 19TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — On results of 2007 open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» has received more than 250 million UAH of the gross revenue and 387 thousand UAH of net profit, IA Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The representative of the company has informed about this to the agency referring to interview of the general director of open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» Vasily Fedin to the newspaper «Business» from June, 17th, 2008.

According to his information, 40 million UAH was transferred by KSBF to local budgets on results of 2007, today the factory is the largest tax bearer in the Kherson budget.

V. Fedin has emphasized that the program of development of the enterprise for the nearest years has been accepted in 2005. It is successfully carried out and constantly corrected in view of a situation in the shipbuilding market. The volume of manufacture has grown from 70 up to 230 million UAAH for 2.5 years.

As IA Context-Prichernomorie informed earlier, open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» has increased an output up to 229.9 million UAH in 2007 that is 25.5 % more in comparison with 2006.

The average salary on a factory for December, 2007 has made 2079 UAH, for industrial workers 2821 UAH, for highly skilled working basic specialities — 4868 UAH.

The payment fund has increased for 15.9 % (in comparison with 2006) and has made 68 million 399 thousand UAH in 2007.

According to Kherson regional state administration, plans of introduction of full-set shipbuilding and setting into operation of more perspective technologies for cutting sheet metal for open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» are fixed in strategic plans for region development till 2015. Due to own investments from economic activities and credit resources, open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» plans to increase volumes of shipbuilding and ship repair for about 200 million UAH (2006) up to 1040,0 million UAH in 2015 (5.2 times more).

Predicted number of workers will make 8000 persons till 2015. 4000 more workplaces of basically working industrial trades are to be created.

As IA Context-Prichernomorie informed in November, 2006, open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory» intended to increase manufacture volume by 57.5 % in 2006, and by 50 % up to 300 million UAH in 2007. In 5 years the enterprise intended to increase volumes of manufacture up to 750 million UAH.

In 2004 (when Limited Liability Company «Euroresource» has purchased stock of a factory at the State property fund) the volume of manufacture at the enterprise made 72 million UAH. In 2005 volume of manufacture at the factory has increased by 81.6 % up to 127 million 640 thousand UAH in comparison with 2004. The factory has finished 2005 with net profit of 2 million 414 thousand UAH.

According to the company, in 2006 the factory has transferred from ship repair to shipbuilding; the share of ship repair in total amount of manufacture was reduced and has made less than 50 %. In a few years the enterprise plans to launch annually up to 10-12 vessels a year.

INFORMATION: In December, 2003 the state enterprise Kherson ship-building factory is transformed to open joint-stock company «Kherson ship-building factory». KSBF is engaged in repair and construction of vessels in particular tankers with deadweight of up to 30 thousand tons, vessels of supply of an ice class, ore carriers, container carriers, dry-cargo vessels of a universal purpose, chisel vessels with depth of drilling up to 6500 meters.


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