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STP of Kherson invites journalists to hold a joint patrolling on the World day of memory of traffic accidents victims
Nov 10 2008, 11:58

KHERSON, NOVEMBER, 10TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE On the third Sunday of November the World day of memory of traffic accidents victims is observed in concordance with the Resolution of the General Assembly of UNO from October 26th 2005, IA Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

This was reported to the agency by the head of prevention group of the department of the State traffic police of Kherson city, Police Major Lubov Ribalko.

By her data in 2008 this day falls on November 16th.

As L. Ribalko reported this day the administration of Kherson department of STP offers the representatives of local mass media to take part in the joint patrolling with crews of RPS of STP in traffic control with the further reporting of seriousness of this subject at 2 pm (rush hour).

As L. Ribalko specified during the last week 4140 traffic accidents occurred in Ukraine, 104 people died, 508 were injured, 48 traffic accidents occurred due to drivers in alcoholic intoxication. In Kherson the number of traffic accidents has increased almost by 3 times for the last several years. According to the data of L. Ribalko this happens because the population purchased many motor cars on credit, the cars are high-speed and the drivers are young without proper experience. As STP informs one of the main reasons of traffic accidents is overspeed.

INQUIRY: By the data of UNO traffic accidents lead among the reasons of death. Every year more than 1.2 mln people die in the traffic accidents. Every day 3400 men, women and children lose their lives on the roads when they walk on foot, ride a bicycle or drive in a car. About 50 mln people get injuries as a result of traffic accidents every year. The tragedy worsens by the fact that the majority of them are young and healthy people, in their prime.

The idea of annual day of memory of traffic accidents victims came from RoadPeace, British charitable fund of help to traffic accidents victims that has observed this day since 1993. During many year organizations that joined the European federation of traffic accidents victims were observing this day as the European day of memory of traffic accidents victims. In 1998 the Day of memory exceeded the bounds of Europe and appeared on other continents as well, and in 2005 the General Assembly of UNO called all countries-members to recognize the World day of memory of traffic accidents victims and observe it on the third Sunday of November in its Resolution.

Holding of actions within the World day of memory of traffic accidents memory is a chance to remember all the dead and injured in the traffic accidents on the one hand, and on the other to appeal alive to save your and somebody elses lives.


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