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Production of food and drinks falls in Mykolaiv
Jun 22 2009, 09:53

MYKOLAIV, JUNE, 22nd, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Ц For five month in 2009 the production of food and drinks decreased by 7,3 percent as compared with the same period of 2008, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about it today, 22 June at the State Committee of Statistics in Mykolaiv Oblast.

This is determined by 24,6 percent cuts at the enterprises producing tinned fruit and vegetables, in dairy and ice-cream production Ц by 14,8 percent and production of drinks Ц by 2,2 percent.

There cuts in the production of almost all dairy products Ц ice-cream Ц by 60,5 percent, dry milk and cream Ц by 41,8 percent, butter, liquid milk and spreads Ц by 33,6 Ц 28,9 percent, fresh non-fermented and cultured-milk cheese and cultured milk foods, melted cheese Ц by 22,9 Ц 15,8 percent.

The production of meet convenience foods Ц by 91,8 percent, cognacs, smoked fished, salted herring Ц by 62,5 Ц 55,4 percent, frozen beef and veal, biscuits and wafers, frozen pork, cereals, salted, dried or smoked pork Ц by 47,5 Ц 32,4 percent, sausages, fruit and vegetable juices and nectars, spice cakes and the same kind of products, wheat flour Ц by 27 Ц 21,5 percent, salted, pickled or smoked poultry, margarine, fresh or chilled pork, bakery Ц by 14,6 Ц 7,9 percent.

At the same time the production of condensed milk and cream, fresh or chilled beef and veal, ready-made forage for farm cattle and poultry Ц by 5,6 Ц 10,1 percent, wine Ц by 17,9 percent, tarts, pasta and chocolates Ц by 26,1 Ц 28,6 percent, cooked fish and tuna in vinegar, oil, pickle, tomato Ц two times, tinned vegetables with added vinegar Ц 2,5 times, rye flour Ц 3,8 times, sunflower non-refined oil Ц 4,9 times.


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