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Almost 73,4 million US dollars of direct foreign investments has come through the enterprises of the region for 2007
Feb 06 2008, 17:46

NIKOLAEV, FEBRUARY, 06TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — In 2007 the enterprises of the region have received 73 million 400 thousand US dollar of direct foreign investments, that is 71 million 200 thousand dollars more, than in 2006, “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports. The agency was informed about this today, on February, 6th, by the State statistics administration of the Nikolaev region.

The increase of direct foreign investments made 63 % from the general capital by the beginning of the year.

Inpayments of other forms of realization of investments prevailed in the capacity of direct investments, namely transition of the property right, contracts about the general activity which made 86.8 %. Monetary inpayments made 9.8 %, property payments made 2.9 %, reinvestment incomes made 0.5 %.

Direct foreign investments were received from 17 countries of the world, the greatest one (63 million 800 thousand dollars) — from the Netherlands. The basic volumes of investments came through the processing industry enterprises — 66 million 800 thousand dollars or 90.9 % from their general sum, 63 million 700 thousand dollars (95.4 %) from them came through the foodstuff, drinks and tobacco production enterprises. Insignificant investments were received by the enterprises which are carrying out operations with real estate, transport, construction, agriculture, trade, financial activity and hotels (0.1 % — 3.2 %).

The capital of non-residents in the region made 184 million 200 thousand dollars for January, 1st, 2008, that makes 152.6 dollars for one person of the population (in 2006 – 82.2 dollars) .

More than half of direct foreign investments amount is concentrated in the regional center (55 %), more than third (34.5 %) — in Zhovtnevyi district. There is also an insignificant part of foreign investments in the cities of Voznesensk, Ochakov and Pervomaisk, and also in Berezansk, Veselinovsk, Voznesensk, Kryvoozersk, Nikolaev, Novoodessk, Ochakov and Pervomaisk districts — from 0.1 % up to 3 %.

Credit and loan debts received from direct non-resident investors by the enterprises of the region, has increased on 17 million 400 thousand dollars for a year under and for January, 1st has made 93 million dollars. Credits and loans were granted by, France, Czech Republic, Canada, Cyprus, Netherlands, Russian Federation and United States of America. Total amount of direct foreign investments, including the loan capital has made 2008 277 million 200 thousand US dollars for January, 1st.


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