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Common project with EIB Development of water supply and drainage systems in Mykolaiv to be discussed 26 February
Feb 19 2009, 15:35

MYKOLAIV, 19th, FEBRUARY, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Fulfilment of common project with European Investment Bank Development of water supply and drainage systems in Mykolaiv will be discussed 26 February, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The press-service of the Department for Housing and Communal Services informed the agency about it today, 19 February.

26 February in Mykolaiv 8 Meeting of Interagency Task Force for Coordination and Control of the Preparations and Housing and Communal Development Project realization will take place headed by Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Irina Zapatrina. The Task Force is a consultative deliberative body at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The main point of the agenda is the discussion of Development of water supply and drainage systems in Mykolaiv Project.

Urgency of the problem is provoked by the unsatisfactory condition of water supply system in Mykolaiv, what leads to losses in the socio-economic development of the city and environmental pollutions.

The analysis of the current condition of the city water supply system and wastewater collection their load level and contemporary conditions of operation indicate intensive break down of the collectors, purification systems, water supply system, significant worsening of water provision and distribution systems. Keeping central cold water provision system in good condition in Mykolaiv will become possible only after financing of the sphere is increased. The most efficient decision in this situation is reconstruction and upgrade of the mentioned systems.

Total cost of the project is 27 million 290 thousand EUR, consisting of 3 million 120 thousand EUR the EU grant, 7 million 850 thousand EUR funds of Mykolaiv Vodokanal, 15 million 850 thousand EUR credit provided by EIB and finally 780 thousand EUR the EU grant for founding and operation of the Group for Fulfillment of the Project. The Projects efficiency is confirmed by the payback period making 8 years. The work on the Project realization is carried out at the initiative and at the expense of the Special Commission DABLAS. 300 thousand EUR was assigned for the initiation of the commission and its operation.

The Projects realisation presupposes using materials and equipment produced by Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers that will stimulate the creation of new jobs in the Region. The income of Mykolaiv Vodokanal is supposed to cover the credit, Ukraine at that guarantees the credit to be repaid. The Responsible Executive of the Project is the Ministry for Housing and Communal Services.

The agenda of the meeting presupposes: working out General Plan of Activities, considering the existing and possible sources of financing the Project, attracting the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for realization of projects in the sphere of housing and communal services.


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