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Delegation of Karlovac County visits Mykolaiv
May 24 2012, 14:05

MYKOLAIV, MAY 24th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Yesterday, 23 May, a delegation of Karlovac County visited Mykolaiv to meet the local city and regional authorities, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The Information Office of Mykolaiv City Council informed today, 24 May.

Župan of Karlovac County Ivan Vučić, said that the Croats have particularly warm feelings for the Ukrainians, because Ukraine is second, after the Vatican, state which recognized the independence of Croatia.

The guests were told that from 1995 to 2009, Croatia experienced a serious economic recovery. The global crisis affected the growth rate of the well-being of the country on the Adriatic. Ukraine and Croatia have signed 20 cooperation agreements, thus the countries are linked by strong trade relations. However, the amount of goods exported into Croatia from Ukraine is 3 times larger than vice versa, and this situation is not satisfactory with the Croats. The guests were joking: the fact that every year about 60 thousand Ukrainians spend their holidays on the shores of the Adriatic Sea is comforting. But they would like to expand the scope of trade relations.

Therefore, all nine members of the delegation were excitedly promoting products made in Croatia. Adriadiesel d.d General Manager Vladimir Hristov said that they had long cooperated with Mykolaiv region. Thus, the power units at South Ukrainian nuclear power plant run on Croatian diesel engines. Today, Croatia is a developed weapons manufacturer. The state encourages the development of small and medium-sized businesses by means of sponsored loans, so the country has very well developed business. Industry accounts for about 20% of the GDP of Croatia, which is approaching the level of the European Union.

“We are convinced that the food industry is your strong point, but we have also succeeded in this industry. We know that there are three shipyards in Mykolaiv, and our company produces some very important items for your ship-building. We are interested in developing cooperation in this regard”, said a representative of the delegation.

First Deputy Governor of Mykolaiv Gennady Nikolenko, head of the Regional Council Igor Diatlov and First Deputy Mayor Yury Andrienko told the guests about the socio-economic situation of the region and the city, the prospects of the region.

INFORMATION: Karlovac County is a county in central Croatia, with the administrative centre in Karlovac. The city of Karlovac is another fort from the times of the Military Frontier. It was built as a six-side star fort in the 16th century at the point of confluence of four rivers. The town blossomed in the 18th and the 19th century after being made a free town, with the development of roads between Pannonian plains to the seaside, and waterways along the Kupa River. The 20th century wasn't so favourably inclined, but the city's recovering, once again making use of its crucial geostrategic point in Croatia. The county itself extends towards the north to the water springs of Jamnica, and towards the south all the way down to the mountainous regions of Gorski kotar and Lika, in particular to the Bjelolasica Mountain which features the largest winter sport recreation centre in the country.


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