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Rapist and robber that had committed crimes in different regions of Ukraine was arrested
Nov 11 2008, 13:13

NIKOLAEV, NOVEMBER, 11TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE The rapist and robber that had committed crimes in different regions of Ukraine was arrested, IA Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

This was reported to the agency today, on November 11th, in the CDS of MHAD in Nikolaev region.

A 42 year old guest performer from Zaporozhe region arrived in Nikolaev not for the first time. He committed his crimes by the same scheme everywhere. In a kiosk he bought a local newspaper with advertisements and called by the telephones of apartments sale or rent. If a woman picked up the phone the man made an agreement to meet with the realtor with the aim of supposedly to have a look at an apartment. At agreed place he estimated the woman by appearance and if he liked her he went to the meeting. Suspecting nothing a woman showed the criminal rooms and in his turn the last was examining the apartment and when he made sure there was nobody in the apartment except for him and the woman, he put a knife against the throat and under the threat of physical violence he raped and robbed the realtor. For a short period of staying in the city he committed 2 crimes of this kind. The victims addressed the police and described the criminals appearance.

For the third time the arrested decided to look at an apartment in the Central district of the city. Everything was as usual. A nice woman came to the meeting and the criminal liked her. Law enforcement officers were already waiting in the apartment. The arrested was confiscated cell phones of his victims, golden articles and money. As the investigation established one of the cell phones that were confiscated by the police officers was being searched by the law enforcement officers from Zaporozhe region. Analogous crimes were committed by the criminal in other regions of Ukraine as well. At present hes in the pre-trial prison in Nikolaev, the investigation is being held.


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