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A young man first fed and then killed an importunate beggar
Oct 30 2008, 10:25

NIKOLAEV, OCTOBER, 30TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE A young man first fed and then killed an importunate beggar, IA Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

This was reported to the agency today, on October 30th, in the center of public relations of MHAD of Ukraine in Nikolaev region.

As it turned out in the evening a young man went out to have a walk. Near the shop a man came up to him and begged him. The last didnt refuse him. Having bought bread and sausages the young man gave the food to the beggar and went to the tram stop with a bottle of beer. Sitting on the bench he was drinking beer. Some time later the beggar came to the same tram stop, sat on the bench and started offering the young man to have a drink with him. The young man refused but the beggar insisted. He had to drink alone anyway. But in a few minutes the drunken beggar started insulting the young man, wanted to prove him he was the main in the street. First the man didnt worry about it but then his nerve failed him, he stood up and started beating the beggar. During the fight he pulled out a knife and inflicted 19 knife wounds on the beggar. After the last stopped showing any signs of life, the young man left. He threw out the knife on the way.

In the morning the mans body was notices by passersbies that were going to work. The investigation and task force arrived at the place of incident. The law enforcement employees were working on clearance of this crime for a month. In October of the current year the arrested suspected was identified. At present the young man is in the pre-trial prison, the criminal case according to art. 115 p. 1 of CCP of Ukraine was excited premeditated murder.


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