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Nikolaev company dredges the Azov Sea ports by plan of the SE USPA
Jul 11 2016, 17:34

NIKOLAEV, 11 JULY 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — The company-contractor «Tehmorgidrostroy Nikolaev» currently is working on operational dredging in Mariupol and Berdyansk sea ports, returning them competitive advantages, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

Agency was informed today, June 11, by the press service of the SE «USPA».

As noted in a press-service, the ports of the Azov sea will return a competitive advantage despite the proximity to a zone of the anti-terrorist operation.

For example, in Mariupol and Berdyansk sea ports, work is underway for maintenance dredging by the contractor — company «Tehmorgidrostroy Nikolaev» (dredgers «Severodvinskiy» and «Milford»).

As of the 1st decade of July, in waters of the Mariupol port performed work by volume of 680 thousand cubic meters. In total, during the works, which will last 16 months, it will be extracted about 4 million cubic meters of soil. This will ensure the maintenance of the depth required for maneuvering in seaports.

In Mariupol port in 2016 will be extracted 1 million 370 thousand cubic meters of soil. In 2017 planned to extract 903 thousand cubic meters. In Berdyansk port for 2016 will be extracted 842 thousand cubic meters. For 2017 planned 853 thousand cubic meters.

The cost of the works in accordance with the procurement procedure made 712,18 million UAH. The relevant contract with contractor was signed March 11, 2016.

The press service reminded that in August 2015, the maximum draft in Mariupol sea port decreased to hazardous 7.2 m, which, along with the broken railroad threatened as port work and the work of metallurgical plants. And that means that were threatened jobs of port workers, tax payments to budgets of all levels. The relevant concerns were expressed repeatedly by the relevant Committee of the Verhovna Rada of Ukraine.

«The peculiarity of ports on the Azov sea is such that the silting is about 1 million cubic meters per year, and if a long time not to engage in maintenance digging, it may adversely affect the competitiveness of harbors. Thanks to last year's digging, sediment in the port increased to 8 meters. It now remains to perform regular operational work», — said the head of the administration of Mariupol sea port, Aleksey Rosinskiy.

Later, the efforts of the SE USPA to ensure Maritime safety and stable operation of the port were noted during the visiting session of the Verhovna Rada Committee on transport, which was held in Mariupol on June 22. The Committee clearly identified the need to maintain a passing precipitation on the approach channel of the port not less than 8 meters.

«Dredging in the Azov region, perhaps the most difficult area of work of SE USPA. The proximity to the front lines, the complexity of the technical work, especially soil ... But that's the core competencies of our company — the accumulation of funds of port charges collected by USPA, to maintain the depth according to the passport. Without these works, given the logistical constraints of the destroyed section of the railroad, it would be difficult to talk about the development of the entire region», -- said chairman of the State Enterprise USPA Andrey Amelin.

The press service of ASPU added that there is also currently dredging works in the sea port «Yuzhny» (315 thousand cubic meters since the beginning of the year), Belgorod-Dniester (250 thousand cubic meters) on GSH «Danube — the Black sea» (100 thousand cubic meters on BDLK (100 thousand cubic meters). In the nearest plans of the enterprise there is tender for carrying out dredging works in Illichevsk seaport.

«About complicated and bureaucratic procedure of public procurement said numerous cases of cancellation of trades. As a result, it was abolished for the procurement of works on operational dredging in the port of Izmail (in November 2015, March and June 2016) due to incorrect formatting documents. On ports «Nikolaev» and «Oktyabrsk» auction did not take place in June 2016 due to lack of participants.

All activities of the Administration of seaports are absolutely transparent in the framework of relevant legislation. All results of procurement procedures are available on the sites https://tender.me.gov.ua or https://prozorro.gov.ua/.

The port administration asked journalists, when writing about the work of the sea ports not to use the validated data of questionable sources», — said the press service.


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