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BSSY Rescue committee has denied statements of the governor
May 12 2008, 17:51

NIKOLAEV, MAY, 12TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — BSSY Rescue committee has denied statements of the governor Alexey Garkusha in their address, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

On May, 8th the management of BSSY Rescue committee has arranged a press conference in reaction on statements of the Governor Alexey Garkusha at the press conference on April, 15th.

According to BSSY Rescue committee chairman Igor Ovdienko their Committee initially accused Chourkins that they were not going to carry out their investing obligations. (Governor has told then: «Tell me, who trusts in defenders who come with flags of those forces which supported Chourkins for some time and promised positive results?»).

«It would be desirable to know at what stage we have changed flags and started to support Chourkins if the BSSY Rescue committee has been created as Tchourkin opposition. Where are examples that we changed flags? There are no such examples, this is obvious rubbish», — BSSY Rescue committee head has told.

He has also added that BSSY Rescue committee has been initially organized by communists but committee members are ready to cooperate with all parties and public organizations in achievement of objects in view — payments of salary debts to all who worked on this enterprise (nearly 2.5 thousand persons), repayment of Ukraine pensionary fund debts, normalization of a situation with residing at BSSY hostels and returning of the enterprise in state property with the subsequent resale of a share holding at the open competition.

As to A.Garkusha's words that the head of BSSY Rescue committee heads branch of the Polish ship-building company, I.Ovdienko has declared that the given statement mismatches the truth: «It would be desirable to know what the governor was guided with when he made such a statement. I cannot, I am not and I shall not be the head of branch of the Polish company. But I am involved as an adviser and consultant today also by the Polish companies. The real indignation is causes the fact that I visited the governor on this issue and has arranged a meeting of representatives of the Polish companies with the governor. I am the adviser of the governor and mayor of Nikolaev concerning shipbuilding», — I.Ovdienko has noted.

The head of Committee is also revolted by the statement of the head of the region about imitation of activity by the Committee and about trust gambling of older persons.

It is exactly Alexey Nikolaevich Garkusha who speculates with trust of not only older persons. Because he perfectly knows that the BSSY Rescue committee protects interests of ship builders of all age and does not get involved in the organization of BSSY manufacture.

But if BSSY power will be illegally given to new investors then payment of salary debts (more than 10 million UAH including indexation), repayment of Ukraine pensionary fund debts (more than 30 million UAH) becomes simply impossible.

We told about this to Alexey Nikolaevich and he agreed with us. How it is possible to say that we are rascals or opportunists after that?», — considers I.Ovdienko.


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