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The simulated fire and oil spill eliminated in Nikolaev port
Sep 28 2016, 10:18

NIKOLAEV, 28 SEPTEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — In Nikolaev seaport exercises to extinguish the fire on the ship, removal of water leakage, and the elimination of oil spills in port waters, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, September 28, in the press service of the administration of the Nikolaev sea port.

According to the press service, September 27, in Nikolaev seaport the training was conducted to simulate the extinguishing of fire on board «Narzan», removal of water leakage, and the elimination of oil spills in port waters. The exercises were held to test the coherence of emergency parties and groups of the port fleet, as well as working off of interaction with the fire brigade.

The exercise involved the forces of the port fleet diving group, service captain of the port, main control room, service of fire and technogenic safety, the safety division of the Maritime sector mobilization work and civil protection, the medical center, the security service of work of administration of the Nikolaev seaport.

In accordance with the introductory, there was a fire in the engine room on the «Narzan» ship, which could not be eliminated by the crew. Moreover, the fire chief engineer of the vessel was injured, and it was discovered the flow of sea water into the engine room of the ship «Narzan». And damaged the ship's hull was leaking oil products on the left side in the water area of the port.

In the course of responding to simulated emergency, all sectors of the administration of Nikolaev seaport acted swiftly and smoothly. The personnel of the ship «Narzan» was promptly evacuated, arrived on the «emergency» fire brigades localized and eliminated fire, ambulance brigade of the medical center has provided first aid «to the victim». Divers promptly revealed a hole in the ship's hull and removed it with a special plaster. The crew of the pilot boat «Saken» via the drainage pump pumped water from fallen into «emergency» situation «Narzan» vessel, and promptly set up the booms for the localization of simulated oil spill in the area. The elimination of simulated oil spill was carried out by a specialized vessel «MNMS-101», and the neutralization of oil slops was made by using «Ekonadin» sorbent, which dropped from the pilot boat «Saken». At the end of the exercise held detailed debriefing.

«Division of administration of the Nikolaev seaport confirmed their readiness to respond to emergency situation that can happen in the waters and on the territory of the port», concluded the press service of the administration.


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