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Absence of scale trainings on «Shiroky Lan» range this year is a merit of PSPU, — opinion
Jul 30 2008, 14:51

NIKOLAEV, JULY, 30TH, 2008, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Progressive socialist party of Ukraine Larissa Shesler considers that absence of scale trainings on «Shiroky Lan» range this year during «Sea Breeze — 2008» is a merit of PSPU, IA “Context-Prichernomorie” correspondent reports.

Such an opinion was expressed by L. Shesler to the agency today, on July, 30th.

As she said, large-scale actions against NATO carried out by PSPU on a regular basis, have already brought some results. Owing to the fact that they have shown the real attitude of people to NATO armies during these actions and also that in June, 2008 the Nikolaev regional council has accepted the address to the Verkhovna Rada, the President and Ministry of Ukraine with the requirement to not carry out the training on Shiroky Lan range in connection with social conditions, discontent of the population of the Nikolaev region and difficult ecological consequences of trainings, trainings of this year had more likely a formal character and do not go to any comparison with trainings of the last year.

«Actually there were no full-scale military doctrines carried out on Shiroky Lan range this year. 20 Georgians and 30 Macedonians were declared. There were practically no foreigners... – they arrived from time to time... It is obvious that in comparison with the last year trainings, the present trainings are characterized by a joke on level of scale, scope and participation of foreign armies in them. Three parachuters who have gone down above Donuzlav, twenty Georgians who have arrived on Shiroky Lan range... It cannot be named as military training, it looks like training of DOSAAF school (DOSAAF – (VSSAAN)Voluntary Society for Support of Army, Aviation and Navy during the USSR times) or some amateur meeting of scouts, but it is not similar to military trainings at all», — L. Shesler has told.

In total, as she said, more than one and a half thousand person constantly or temporarily lived in 5 camps during carrying out of «Sea-Breeze 2008» trainings in Ukraine (Nikolaev, Odessa, Zaporozhye regions and AR Crimea). More than 300 persons arrived to a camp near range not far from Shiroky Lan settlement in the Nikolaev region.

Active workers of a camp in the Nikolaev region have carried out some protest actions, made propaganda runs, arrived on range, even carried out antiNATO graffiti festival.

According to L. Shesler's statement, rigid discipline and strict prohibition law has been entered. Inhabitants of camp whiled away the leisure by means of checkers, chess, discos and cinema.


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