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Odesa holds Humorina 2011
Apr 01 2011, 09:34

Today. 1 April, the City of Odesa is holding Humorina — the traditional festival of humor.

This year the programme will comprise: the opening of the monument to the writers of XX century in the Garden of Statues situated in the Odesa Museum of Literature and a caricature expo.

The Monument to the 12 Chair will be opened after restoration today, at 11:30.

Humorina for Children will start at 12:00 at Odesa City Garden.

12:30 Shabo will demonstrate a carnival march.

Gala-concert within the International Festival of Clowns will start at 15:00.

At 18:00, Ukrainian and Russian pop stars will give a concert for Odesa citizens and guests.


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