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Odesa Oblast to head the Euroregion The Lower Danube until 2009
Apr 08 2009, 16:09
Rresident of the Euroregion

Odesa Oblast will keep heading the Euroregion The Lower Danube until 31 December, 2009, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Such a decision was unanimously made today, 8 April, 2009 at the sitting of the Euroregion Council in Odesa.

At the sitting it was also decided save the post of the president of the Euroregion to Nikolay Skorik, Head of Odesa Oblast Council.

9 commissions of the Euroregion presented their action plans for 2009.

In particular, this year the Euroregion is planning to work out transboundary cooperation guide a booklet where all the cooperation prospects of the Euroregion for Ukrainian, Moldovan, and Romanian companies are to be mentioned. The Euroregion members are going to keep working on green and country tourism, work out a medical map where all the medical centres and (ER and hospitals) will be marked.

Euroregion The Lower Danube was created in 1998. It includes Odesa Oblast (Ukraine), districts Cahul and Cantemir (Moldova), Galaţi, Brăila, Tulcea (Romania). There 7 commissions within the organization: Regional development commission, Economic and financial audit commission, Transport and communications commission, Environment and emergency situations commission, Humanitarian development and international development commission, Human security and crime fighting commission.

From 2007 Odesa is to head the Euroregion for 2 years. In May, 2007 Head of Odesa Oblast Council, Nikolay Skorik, was elected Head of the Council of Euroregion.


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