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Odesa Transit on BBC Scotland
Apr 21 2012, 14:43
Odesa Transit on BBC Scotland

The representatives of Scottish bureau of BBC TV Company screened ports views from the roof of passenger terminal building to make a movie about the life of Scottish soldier during the Second World War. This was the grandfather of the host and journalist of BBC shooting team Norman McArthur. According to Mr McArthur the recordings in the port will show the part of documentary under conditional name Odesa transit. McArthur the elder was in fascist captivity during almost all war and after liberation he conveyed ex-war prisoners from Odessa to Europe by sea. Estimated time of movie screening on the BBC ALBA is autumn 2012.

According to McArthur the history of his grandfather took an interest of BBC Scotland authorities due to its organic connection between private and public tragedies of 30s 40s of the last century. My grandfather told me about the war and concentration camps on rare occasions, said McArthur. I want to destroy the wall of silence.

Chief of the Odesa Sea Passenger Terminal Mykola Makovetskyi familiarized the journalists with the objects of interest. Among the other objects that had attract the attention of shooting team are: the maps of mine cleaning of the port in 1944 in the Museum of Marine Fleet, photos of old building of passenger terminal, from where ex war prisoners departed to Europe as well as other artefacts related with participation of the workers of marine transport in the Great Patriotic War. Representatives of the Scottish bureau of BBC TV Company thanked the port for the possibility of use these materials.


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Lizzy, 16:40 / 26.07.2012
This proves once again that NATO is an agresadsive gang of miladiadtary crimadiadnals. Their aim, I supadpose, was to kill all Osseadtians in the South of their counadtry with the hands of Georadgians, to eiilct a coradreadspondading reracadtion of North Osseadtia, and then to “punadish” Rusadsians, reponadsiadble for South Osseadtia, for their “agresadsion”, that is to occupy Siberia with its oil fields. The sitaduadaadtion seems to be teradriadbly alike to that of hidadden mass destrucadtion weapons in Iraq, which is still not found. After Siberia is occuadpied one may say: “God knows, who started the war, and who killed whom, but Siberia is ours, next to Alaska!” As for details, read Orwell, and namely his “1984”. You will find there a lot ofa0them!
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