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Planning of joint Ukrainian-US exercises Sea Breeze 2013 completed in Odesa
Apr 30 2013, 12:55
sea breeze

Planning of joint Ukrainian―United States exercises Sea Breeze 2013 has been completed in Odesa. On the basis of the final planning conference of joint Ukrainian―United States exercises in the spirit of “Partnership for Peace”, Sea Breeze plan for the manoeuvres was finalized and approved.

Training will last two weeks under the guidance of the deputy commander of Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Combat Training — Chief of Combat Training rear-admiral Denis Berezovsky and the representative of the United States Navy Captain 1st Rank James Eykn.

It is planned that in the maritime manoeuvres will be involved about 15 warships and vessels, among them ― three frigates, a large landing ship and fast patrol boat. Also in the exercises will be used military aviation of Ukraine, the United States and Germany, about 20 pieces of armoured hardware, specialized machines of the State Service for Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

During the exercises, the participants will work skills to ensure the safety of maritime navigation in the humanitarian evacuation operation and maintenance of stabilization actions on the ground.

Organizers of the Sea Breeze 2013 plan for the first time to make a manoeuvre element of suddenness. It will allow appraising comprehensively the decisions and actions of the commanders of units involved in the manoeuvres.

Also, representatives of the command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces and the US Navy within the exercises agreed to hold an action of social assistance to several Odesa schools.

Joint Ukrainian―United States exercises Sea Breeze 2013 will start July 8, 2013 in Odesa.


Markitoos, 03:19 / 15.08.2013
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Nasir, 14:55 / 13.08.2013
HI DarcyI have forwarded your email off to our Dance Management team. Thank you for your <a href="http://qtvszmkggew.com">fecaedbk</a> and for noticing us at the Canada Day parade!RegardsUCAA Admin
Lucho, 14:25 / 06.08.2013
The biggest theart to Russian imperialism, whether tsarist or soviet, is Ukrainian nationalism.That's why both the tsars and the soviets, both centered in Maskva, fought so hard to stamp out any vestige of Ukrainian feeling, language, culture, etc.All throughout the world, in civilized countries, people stand up for their country.When Ukrainians stand up for their country, Russians in Maskva brand that as nationalism and call it a crime, and even worse.But there is a theart to Ukrainian democracy and that is the oligarchic political elite in Ukraine.It is a political elite which has decided that it's better to be an oligarch in Ukraine, rather than sitting with Khodorkovsky in a Siberian jail under Putler.But it takes more than mere self-interest like that to make a country.And the loss of 6 million people since 1991 proves the point.At the breakup of the sovok union in 1991, Ukraine had 52 million people.Now it has about 46 million people, because lots of people got sick and tired of the political elite robbing the country blind, and robbing everyone of any opportunity.Well, of course, except if you're a Brazilian soccer player getting paid millions of dollars to chase a soccer ball for Akhmetov's Miners.If the political elite continue to be hogs at the government trough, Ukraine will not survive.And the political elite hogs will indeed by slaughtered by Putler, whether they like it or not.
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