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Museum of antique settlement will be created in the center of Odessa
Jun 17 2008, 11:22
Museum of antique settlement will be created in the center of Odessa

The museum of antique settlement will be created in the center of Odessa on the basis of the exhibits found on the Primorsky Boulevard

According to Sergey Okhotnikov, the deputy director on scientific activity of Odessa archeologic museum of Ukraine National Science Academy, the fragment of antique settlement dug out by archeologists on the Primorsky Boulevard will be covered by a glass dome 3x5 m, through which each interested person can look at antique utensils and other found subjects of a Northern Black Sea Coast ancient inhabitants life. The deputy director of a museum has noted that authorities have positively reacted to idea of archeologists about creation of the open-air museum.

«The found city is dated IV-III BC. Almost 200 years ago it was known that once there was an ancient city but the excavation was permitted until the recent time. I think, such museum will involve all odessites and visitors of the city as it is extraordinary interesting and cognitive», — S. Okhotnikov has told.

S.Okhotnikov has also added that similar excavation takes place in Chersonese, Sevastopol but if to speak about creation of a museum in the city centre, Odessa is probably the first such city in Ukraine.

«I know, that in Romania and Bulgaria there are similar open-air museums in the center of cities but I’m not sure about Ukraine», — S.Okhotnikov has told.


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That's going to make tihngs a lot easier from here on out.
Magda, 13:31 / 03.04.2013
Whoever edits and publishes these articles relaly knows what they're doing.
Tomoyuki, 01:29 / 02.04.2013
Marco on 3 December 2010 I like this kind of pictures. They give you a glmpise of a city architectural style, just showing you some details, like a balcony or a window. Good Job!ps. just a stupid curiosity since I used to be able to read cyrillic alphabet; is it a sexy shop near that kebab place?GD Star Ratingloading...GD Star Ratingloading...
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