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Germany helps children in need in Odesa Oblast
Dec 09 2010, 14:54

12 thousand therapeutic boarding school and orphanage children of Odesa Oblast will get Christmas presents from Germany.

Mr Thomas Führer, representative of the initiative Round Table FRG informed about it today at a press conference in Odesa.

According to Mr Führer, 48 thousand German children were collecting Christmas presents for Ukrainian and Romanian children. The presents will include toys, pencils, felt pens, and other stationary and sweets.

Our children gladly give presents for Ukrainian children. We have gathered 12 thousand presents to be given to 12 thousand Ukrainian children. Odesa Regional State Administration supported us providing the addresses of the therapeutic boarding schools and orphanages. Three teams will be delivering the presents within several days. One group will be giving the presents in Odesa and adjacent territories, the second one in the north of the region and the third in the south. Chief of the customs service promised us the presents will clear through the customs tonight at latest. And we hope the presents will have been given away before Friday, as 27 German volunteers went on LWOP and have to be back at work on Monday, said Mr Führer.

The happiness in the childrens eyes, which we can see, is the best reward for the work done. This campaign proves there is genuine friendship without prejudices. This friendship unites countries, he stressed.

I decided I would be accompanying the cargo of humanitarian aid, as in the German Parliament I am responsible for cooperation with Ukrainian Parliament. Later I will report to Angela Merkel on the work I have seen and done. I am delighted by the people who have come to work here and by the work they are doping, added German MP Mrs Karin Strenz.

In addition, two thousand children having visual and hearing deficiency will be provided with modern deaf aids and glasses from Germany.

According to Mr Führer, their organization, which has existed over 50 years by now, is organizing the Campaign A Thousand Children Can Sea and a Thousand Children Can Hear. Within the scope of this campaign children of Odesa Oblast will be provided with hearing aids and glasses.

Specialists will come to Ukraine, chose, bring and set up the hearing aids and glasses for children. The campaign began in June 2010 and will last ill June 2011. These children will not only get their hearing aids and glasses, but will also be followed for five years in case something happens to the gear or the batteries want to be replaced. We are addressing serious people and arts organizations and they help us. It is important to us we can share what Ukrainian children need, he summarized.


Raquel, 07:07 / 15.08.2013
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Blackrayne, 01:18 / 09.08.2013
Ukraina się do zycia,jesli niewpadnie w <a href="http://cxygkrphho.com">obeinacki</a> starszej siostry.Wybory niedługo.Piosenka bardzo ładna,wykonanie dobre.Tylko tak dalej-żuczę powodzenia młodemu Zespołowi z Ukrainy.Łaczek Marek z Jordanowa Polska
Saul, 12:33 / 08.08.2013
The deep and underlying <a href="http://qgcjegr.com">thoghut</a> was, and I think I speak up for all the Brit comm' here, well done Leigh. Ambassadors come and go in every country and we <a href="http://qgcjegr.com">thoghut</a> you done a good job here. And we hope the new one can continue where you left off. Though personally i'm still very very disappointed in the help i'm trying to get from the UKBA here (for the past mth now). They seem to be a machine outfit, not an organisation with a personal touch. Good luck in your new position.
Anuraga, 13:57 / 06.08.2013
we are right and you are wrong It divides a naotin and worst still seek to vilify those that do not share their limited values. From my experience the most threats of violent and acts of intimidation have come from those who align themselves the Ukrainian Nationalists. Most being from the Diaspera based in then USA. Theor tools of trade are threats and acts of intimidation aimed at seeking to silence those that hold an alternative opinion to their own. They live and feed off a common sense of hatred.It is one thing to embrace and repect history and culture it is another to souse hatred and promote acts of voilence (Physical or threatening). Hatred breads hatred. It is a short step from being a naotinalist to a racistUkraine's greatest asset is its diversity of culture. be it Hungarian, Hutzal, Tartar, Russian , Swedish, German or Ukrainian.Nationalism is and can be a very dangerous and blunt weapon.The Ukrainian Nationalist movement (like all Nationalist movements) spouses the words of European Democratic ideals but their actions are far from democratic.The so called Nationalists represent a minority of 5% of the Ukrainian Population. Democracy is about giving every one equal opportunity and equal rights. It is not about imposing one set of value over the other. If you have no policies or constructive ideas you fall back on the notion of Nationalism. Us versus them.
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