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Uzbekistan — a country that will not leave anyone indifferent
Dec 28 2017, 15:13
Uzbekistan — a country that will not leave anyone indifferent

Often a journey through Uzbekistan begins with Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Give us this opportunity and start a survey of the cities of Uzbekistan from Tashkent.

Few people know that Tashkent is one of the most unusual cities in Asia, therefore it is of great value. Not just because the capital of Uzbekistan is compared to a valuable pearl. Indeed, this Europeanized city is characterized by beautiful places, ancient and modern objects. In a sense, Tashkent is a kind of bridge that allows you to adapt to local color and even high temperature indicators. Ordering a package tour to Uzbekistan, you can be convinced of the diverse ethnicity, religious beliefs and life styles. All this surprises with its diversity.

To date, the most remarkable places of the capital are preserved monuments of culture and history, which were restored to the 2200th anniversary of the country. The famous ancient monuments include the Kukeldash Madrassah, the Khazreti Imam complex. Zangi-ata and other surviving mosques are also popular. This opportunity allows you to see live the sources of Islam and the place of activity of ancient philosophers and sages who lived in a great era. Another equally interesting place that is visited by every tourist is the Chorsu market — the famous oriental bazaar. It is considered one of the major markets of the capital, here is a special flavor of the East. Especially in the warm season, sellers, often farmers, sell huge banks of melons and watermelons, from which the divine smell comes. Even simply, walking in this market, you can meet various national delicacies, with the smell of which the stomach begins to shrink. Another amazing ritual is the bargaining that takes place between the seller and the buyer. Indeed, this is a real tradition. Some of the most experienced sellers can be offended if you do not start bargaining with them. In Tashkent there are very interesting museums that tell about the history of arts, formation and development of Uzbekistan along with countless exhibits of decorative folk art.

In addition to the trip to Tashkent, you should definitely visit some more amazing and ancient cities and resorts of Uzbekistan. They are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, the Fergana valley and Moinak. One of the amazing treasures of Samarkand is the mosque of the cathedral type, built in honor of Timur Bibi-Khanym. Not far from the mosque is the mausoleum of Timur and his followers — the most interesting building object. The proportions of all its individual elements are impressive not only with ideal parameters, but also with an outward silhouette resembling an open tulip in shape. Among the many beautiful places in Uzbekistan there are natural landscapes and historical monuments of Khiva. This town is also called a city-reserve. There are more than a hundred historical monuments of different historical epochs and nationalities. It is also the citadel of Kunya-Ark, the palace of Tash-Hauli, the minaret of Kalta-Minor, the minaret of Islam-Khoja and the mosque of Juma with its intricate carved columns.

Bukhara is one of those cities Uzbekistan is proud of. Of course, it is inferior in terms of archaic and majestic Samarkand or Khiva, but here too you can find a large number of interesting enough buildings to gaze. And if you have never seen eastern culture and architecture, then Bukhara can stir your imagination even more. The city of Bukhara has more than two and a half thousand constructions, while the first building in the form of the palace of the emir appeared when Siyavush arrived in Bukhara in order to take the daughter of an Afrasiab king. Also Bukhara during the times of Alexander the Great could boast of an excellent infrastructure for that time. By the way, at that time the city was part of the state called Sogd. Another distinguishing and important feature of Bukhara was the fact that the famous Silk Road was through it. It connected the caravans not only of the cities of modern Uzbekistan, but also China and Iran. It is thanks to this fact that it was always possible to find excellent goods here, and the buildings were distinguished by their modernity and beauty.

Uzbek cuisine has deep ancient roots. To date, it contains dishes from a wide variety of ingredients: meat, greens, cereals, vegetables, fruits and fat. Most often, various aromatic spices, fat, vegetables, cottonseed oil, herbs and cereals are used for cooking. Once there is a free minute, be sure to visit the local restaurants and try fragrant national dishes. For example, manti — large dumplings, which are cooked on a steam on special grilles and small dumplings with chopped meat and onions; Uzbek pies «somsa» with stuffing from meat and cheese; known all over the world Uzbek pilaf with spicy herbs and vegetables, as well as «shurpa» and «mashkichiri». For hot dishes, you can order salads from fresh greens and juicy vegetables. And, of course, you cannot ignore local drinks and goodies: lush sweet cakes, dried fruits, khalva and nuts. Uzbek sweets, in particular, sweets and flour products, are not just tasty, but also quite unusual. According to the recipe and taste properties they have no analogues and equal to themselves throughout the world.

Visit Uzbekistan, as it is a picturesque region where gazeful mountain slopes and ridges, wonderful blooming gardens, world-famous architectural monuments, amazing river valleys and many other scenic places open up to tourists.


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