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Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine now Honourable Professor of Odesa National University
Sep 28 2009, 18:00

Director of Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine Nicola Franco Balloni has been awarded the title of Honourable Professor of Odesa National University.

The decision about awarding Mr. Balloni with the Honourable Title was unanimously made by the Scientific Council of Odesa National Mechnikov University today 28 September during their sitting.

Rector of Odesa National University, Professor Valentin Smytyna stated during the years of work at the university Professor Balloni deserved great respect of the community in Odesa he is the author of many scientific research works touching upon outstanding personalities. He also facilitated awarding grants for studying and practising in Italy for 5 hundred Odesa students and researchers.

His contribution to the translation of Italian philosophers and writers such as Durante degli Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio, and many others cannot be evaluated. We are very grateful to Mr. Balloni for everything he has done for Ukraine and the university. Over 15 years he managed to organize more than a southland of cultural and art events. Due to his personal assistance Lectorate of the Italian Language and Literature was organized at the university in 1998. It was also thanks to him that an Italian Language Study Centre was organized at the university at the Department of Roman and German Philology in 1999, and later in 2007 the Study Centre of Italian Culture and History n.a. Giuseppe Garibaldi created within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreement between Odesa National University and Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine. All the literature and equipment of the Centre was purchased due to Professor Ballonis efforts, Mr. Rector stressed.

Nicola Franco Balloni in his turn said Odesa National Mechnikov University had become the main Centre of Italian Study in the South of Ukraine.

In this Ukrainian temple of science and education I cant but remember those who were building this bridge between our great peoples and cultures. Italians had a significant impact on how the modern downtown looks like. Such outstanding Italian architects as Frapolli, Boffo, Morandi, Bernardazzi. Our cultures and peoples resemble each other very much. And our friendship and relationships are very tight. I am very grateful to you for such a high recognition. Fro the years Ive been working here, I began loving the people here, the language, the culture, Odesa. The university has become the second alma mater for me, and Ukraine the second motherland, Professor Balloni said.


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