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100 percent of votes operated, Yanukovich holds the lead with 51.12 percent of votes in the Odesa Oblast
Jan 19 2010, 12:54

100 percent of the vote bulletins have been operated in the Odesa Oblast.

According to the Central Voting Committee of Ukraine, Yanukovich has obtained the leading position with 51.12 percent of votes.

The second place – Srgiy Tygipko with 21.13 percent of votes.

The third place – Yulia Tymoshenko with 10.18 percent of votes.

The fourth place – Arseniy Yatsenyuk with 3.95 percent.

The fifth place – Petro Symonenko with 2.62 percent.

The sixth place – Volodymyr Lytvyn with 2.59 percent.

The seventh place – Viktor Yushchenko with 1.5 percent.

The eighth place – Anatoliy Grytsenko with 0.94 percent.

The ninth place – Oleh Tyagnybok with 0.52 percent.

The tenth place – Oleksandr Moroz with 0.34 percent.

The eleventh place – Inna Bogoslovska with 0.3 percent.

The twelfth place – Oleksandr Pabat with 0.19 percent.

The thirteenth place – Yurii Kostenko with 0.1 percent.

The fourteenth place – Vasyl Protyvsikh with 0.09 percent.

The fifteenth place – Lyudmyla Suprun with 0.07 percent.

The sixteenth place – Mikailo Brotskyi with 0.05 percent.

The seventeenth place – Sergiy Ratushnyak with 0.04 percent.

Oleg Riabokon has taken the lowest position having 0.02 percent of the voters’ trust.

1.65 percent of the voters have not supported either of the candidates.

The level of attendance in the Odesa Oblast has made 62.9 percent.


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