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Mayor elections in Odesa: exit-polls vary greatly
Nov 01 2010, 10:49

Several exit-polls were held at the elections 31 October in Odesa.

In particular, the survey of peoples opinion was carried out by Research & Branding Group, Centre for Social research Mirror, Savik Shuster Studios, Gorshenin Institute in Odesa and Centre for Political Technologies.

According to the provisional data provided by the exit-poll carried out by Research & Branding Group, the leader at the mayor elections in Odesa is Oleksiy Kostusev, with his personal score of 47.24% of votes. Eduard Gurvits only got 35%. Another 2.76% of Odesa citizens supported Oleksandr Korobchinskyi and 2% Vitaliy Alaybov.

9.32% of voters did not support any of the candidates.

The amounted of interviewed people 2500, error 3.5%.

According to Centre for Social research Mirror, Oleksiy Kostusev is the leader at the elections 52.3% of votes.

Andriy Chernyshov, Scientific Supervisor of the Centre for Social research Mirror, reported they had questioned 7 thousand 135 people. He also informed, Eduard Gurvits got 31.6% of votes taking the second position in the rating. Other candidates were supported by 7.6% of people. 8.5% of voters did not trust any of the candidates.

The exit-poll by Savik Shuster Studios also demonstrated the lead belonged to Oleksiy Kostusev. According to their data, the present Head of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine got 48% of votes. The incumbent mayor got 36.8%. 8% of people voted against all the candidates.

According to Gorshenin Institute in Odesa, Oleksiy Kostusevs result at the elections was 47.6% of votes. Eduard Gurvits got 33%, Vitaliy Alaybov 2.3%, other candidates 1%. 6.8% percent of voters did not support anyone. 5.2% of people refused to be interviewed.

Gorshenin Institute reported they had done the polling at 100 stations in Odesa from 8:00 till 19:00 using face-to-face method. 8 thousand 233 people were interviewed. Error 1.1%.

The exit-poll carried out by the Centre for Political Technologies demonstrated 47.4% of people supported the present mayor of Odesa Eduard Gurvits. The polling was held at 70 polling stations in Odesa. As of 21:00, 67 thousand of voters were interviewed.

About one third of the asked people refused to answer.

The exit-poll gave the following results: 10% did not support anyone, 47.4% supported Eduard Gurvits, 36.3% supported Oleksiy Kostusev.

None of the other candidates got more than 2%.


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