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Foundation of a Scientific Information Center for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (OSICEAC) and Holding Youth Debates in Odesa
Dec 18 2008, 13:25

18 December, 2008 from 10:00 till 13:00 a Scientific Information Center for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation opening will take place in Odesa. The Center is being founded by the Institute of Social Transformation at South Ukrainian Pedagogical University supported by the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and National Center of Euro-Atlantic Integration.


discussing the role of Regional Centers of Euro-Atlantic Integration for creating conditions for joining the NATO;

opening and presentation of the Scientific Information Center for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation;

finding out the mechanisms for involving different segments of regional communities in the operation of the center;

outlining main directions and forms of operation of the Center;

holding discussion on Euro-Atlantic choice of Ukraine involving Lithuanian diplomats, local authorities, scientists, teaching specialists and public figures of Odesa Oblast;

creating a Bureau for Public Opinion Research at the Center of Euro-Atlantic Integration;

foundation of a youth club Debates as a part of OSICEAC.

19 December, 2008 from youth debates will take place Why the Youth are for or against Ukraines joining the NATO within the framework of the newly organized OSICEAC, the aim of those is:

1) to organize a youth club Debates as a part of OSICEAC;

2) to cover the role of NATO in providing Ukrainian national security and safety;

3) to hold debates among the groups of students for:

finding the reasons for and ways of overcoming the existing myths about NATO;

outlining the advantages and the drawbacks of Ukraines joining the Alliance;

defining the prospective of Ukraines joining the NATO.

The event will take place: Staroportofrankivska str., 26 South Ukrainian Pedagogical University of K.D. Ushinskiy

Participants: Mr. Linas Linkevicius Ambassador of the Lithuanian Republic in NATO and Mr. Genadijus Mackelis Substitute Ambassador of the Lithuanian Republic in Ukraine; managers of National Center of Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, representatives of local authorities, Odesa Subsidiary of National Institute of Strategic Research, major Ukrainian Experts; lecturers and students, school headmasters and teachers; Mass-media.


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