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EUBAM partners enhance conflict management competences
Sep 30 2011, 12:44

During the month of September EUBAM was fortunate to again collaborate with the German Federal Police in conducting conflict management training for its partners on both sides of the Moldova-Ukraine border first in Chisinau from 6-9 September, and subsequently in Odessa from 12-16 September.

The conflict-management training initiative began three years ago at the suggestion of EUBAMs Head of Mission, Mr Udo Burkholder, and has incorporated into its approach study visits to Frankfurt Airport and other training events. For this component, known as Training on Raising Social and Cultural Competence, approximately 60 officers from the Moldovan and Ukrainian border guard and customs services, and ministries of internal affairs, participated in both sessions.

EUBAM also considers the conflict-management training an essential and timely part of the support it is providing to its partners within the context of preparations for EURO 2012, which is looming on the near horizon.

Training on Raising Social and Cultural Competence, conducted together by EUBAM training specialists and German Federal Police trainers Gregor Pokrandt and Rev Rainer Klostermann, allowed participants to examine crucial cultural and behavioural aspects of their work on the border and at border crossing points; and to consider how to avoid, avert, manage and resolve conflict situations.

Role play, discussions, ad hoc filming and analysis were among the interactive teaching techniques employed by the trainers in Chisinau and Odessa. At the conclusion of the training participants discussed the prospect of incorporating similar conflict-management training into their own services. Meanwhile, EUBAM is busy preparing a repeat of the training for next year.

INFORMATION: The EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) was launched on 30 November 2005 at the joint request of the Presidents of the Republic Moldova and Ukraine. EUBAM is an EU mission fully funded by the European Union. It is an advisory, technical body. It has no executive powers. The Mission aims to make a sustainable contribution to the delivery of good quality border and customs services to the citizens and companies of Moldova and Ukraine to facilitate contacts and trade.


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