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Odesa Oblast State Administration is getting ready to evacuate hospitals, nursing homes and boarding schools from the southern districts of the Oblast
Jan 12 2009, 17:27

On January, 12th, 2009 at the meeting of Odesa Oblast State Administration Nikolay Serdyuk, Head of the Administration, stated Odesa Oblast State Administration to be getting ready to evacuate hospitals, nursing homes and boarding schools from the southern districts of the Oblast for the reason of gas lack in them.

“We are now getting ready to evacuate the patients of three Raion Hospitals, time people from nursing homes and students of boarding schools”, — Mr. Governor said.

“If nothing changes, we will have to start the evacuation from January, 16th… In addition there may happen to be problems with change for electrical heating in some multistoried buildings in Izmail. The woman executing the duties of Mayor in this city never faced this kind of problems before. Deputy Mayor who did face these problems quit his post”, — Nikolay Serdyuk added.

Moreover, according to Governor, there may happen to be problems in Bolhrad and Tarutino.

We expect we will have to address the citizens. We expect the worst”, — Mr. Serdyuk summed up.


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