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Delta-pilot board dismisses proofless charges about failure of works on deep-water ship course «Danube Black sea»
Jul 06 2008, 14:27

There was information in some mass-media that the project of creation of a deep-water ship course «Danube Black sea» will not be realized in 2008 and that its realization «is under threat of failure». The material is based on the open letter of director of the Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» (which acted as the contractor on construction of a dam) which has submitted claims against SE «Delta-pilot» to economic court. One of the claims concerns compulsions to prolongation of the contract on construction of a dam till December, 31st, 2008.

«This note was written by the person who can be surely treated in to a category of patriots relation to history of independent Ukraine

- It is always good to argue on patriotism in relation to independent Ukraine if your owner is the Panama offshore company (there was a change of the proprietor during work under the contract with SE «Delta-pilot» Isnt it strange?)

... This project today is successfully suspended».

- Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» and former SE «Delta-pilot» board has put a lot of efforts to stop the project: at volume of construction of 132 thousand cubic metres during the period of validity of the contract (more than half a year) only 6.6 thousand cube metres (5 %) was done. Thus certificates are signed and also 46 million UAH is paid from 68.1 million UAH. under the contract (52 %). So they tried to stop the project but it was «Ukrmorshlyakh» who tried to do this and was unsuccessful.

Concerning the statements of Mr. Dubanevich — so who most loudly shouts «Hold the thief?!»

«The project is very difficult, tender terms are severe

- The company which was previously engaged in grain trade and has among the necessary «special technics» only a table and a chair cannot win the tender at severe terms.

«For delivery of mountain mass from granite quarry to port the huge quantity of supersize automobile technics has been involved. There were days when up to 150 lorries worked on a route port — quarry. It was possible to transport up to 10-12 thousand t of stone in a day and there were days when ice on a line led to failure of transportations. We needed not only to load the stone in the quarry but this mountain mass had to be accepted for unloading in the port without a delay and also it had to be laid in deposit».

- Why do you need to make such titanic efforts on transportation of a stone and its warehousing? It is enough to have 3-4 ship parties of a stone of different fraction in port. And a stone that has been transported is mixed on fractions. There will be a lot of trash. Additional efforts and money resources for warehousing and stacking are spent. Huge additional means for sorting of a stone from the deposit are also required.

Besides as it has already earlier been noticed there was a tender, the amount of works and terms of delivery of object have been precisely registered. «Ukrmorshlyakh» has made an offer and has won. Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» has won the tender (before this, the enterprise was engaged in agriculture since 1998) from 3 participants (which also have not had nothing in common with construction of hydraulic engineering constructions and have not had the technics). The contract has been signed on 21.09.07 till 28.03.08 (more than on half a year — 187 days). Nearly 260 thousand tons on 120 km had to be transported. Why do you need to make such titanic efforts of «up to 10-12 thousand tons a day»? If we divide 260 on 187 we get up to 2 000 tons a day. The small chest opens simply: the only thing that «Ukrmorshlyakh» could make is transporting (notice, only using some one elses technics) stone from quarry to port and to make a lot of money of this (as the parties have tolerantly agreed). Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» is not actually able to build a dam of: 5 % of works are executed, 52 % of means are paid. By the way, there are more than on half in the deposit of dust and fine fraction in port (see photo).

«Transportation of rock from port to a building site was carried out by four barges with carrying capacity of up to 2 thousand tons and two tows in a shuttle mode. Storm and sea winter conditions did not allow to involve a lot of technics without loss of efficiency of sea transportations. Three float cranes, each one is equipped by the complete set of clam-shells, four tows, the technological barge with carrying capacity of up to 1 thousand t — the list of float crane technics which constantly worked in «0«km» area.

- The technics which could not perform this work on a site of construction by the technical opportunities, actually worked. Depths on a site of works range from 0 up to 6 m. Draft of tows and barges which were used at construction 3.6, 3.8 m. Therefore works on shallow sites were not executed. These sites make 90 % of all work. Only 3.5 months later a tow «Captain Dobrovolsky» with draft of 2 meters has arrived. There were no pontoons at all for moving the stone on a shallow part.

«From 30 calendar days of November only six were declared by hydrometeorological centre as accessible to work on the sea. Winter months are not an exception. Constant storm broke down any attempts to organize process on a continuous chain of moving of a quarry stone up to a site».

- The weather rendered strong influence on a deep-water site; theres no such influence on a site between coast and a German dam. Therefore it was possible to build but there was nor technical neither intellectual opportunity at Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh». And it is absolutely not clear, what is all this farce for — Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» has won the tender deliberately or it has been forced? Then is in charge for this? Limited Liability Company «Ukrmorshlyakh» did not understand that works had to be conducted in traditionally adverse the autumn-winter period (21.09-28.03)? Or they hoped (or were assured) that SE «Delta-pilot» board (edit. former board) will somehow arrange and compensates everything? Whether this is the reason of submission of the claim by «Ukrmorshlyakh» on collecting 9.9 millions UAH for losses on idle time of technics?

«The scheme of construction recommended by Construction Organization Project, did not work

- Its understood, as the contract organization did not have the technics required for realization of the project.

«Work Execution Plan developed by the general contractor has been offered to the customer and to the project institute

- This is a distortion of real state of things. WEP has been prepared before the end of the contract validity term (on March, 13th, 2008) and it was coordinated after the end of the contract validity.

«Half a year of full inactivity and a delay from a new management


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