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Sea Breeze 2011 officially closes down
Jun 20 2011, 17:46

Today, 20 June at the media centre of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported, the command of the Ukrainian Navy and US Naval Forces in Europe and Africa, the leaders of the Southern Operational Command and the Air Command South, Armed Forces of Ukraine, the participants in exercises, the military garrison of Odesa, as well as representatives of the local regional and city authorities participated in the event.

As the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Viktor Maksimov, said todays multinational exercises where the appropriate level of interaction between the military of many countries proved again.

On behalf of the Minister of Defence and Chief of General Staff — Commander of Armed Forces of Ukraine have the honour to congratulate you all sincerely on the successful completion of the exercises, which were accompanied by serious and fruitful two-week effort. During this time, much has been done, and the main positive thing is its the quality of the whole range of planned activities, coordinated action units and professionalism and responsibility of every soldier, said Ukrainian Navy commander.

Summing up the results of the exercise, Adm. Vladimir Maksimov said that their main objective was to prepare international forces to respond effectively to possible local challenges has been reached, and confirmed by the successful testing of many jobs in the marine, coastal and air units.

Our ships passed over 8000 sea miles, Marines and air mobile forces carried out more than 680 parachute jumps, military divers had 640 hours of underwater training, conventional artillery fire at naval targets of an imaginary enemy was successful as well. The onshore component made more than 6000 kilometres, the aviation carried out more than 100 flights, total flight-time 82 hours. Every year, our joint actions on land, sea and air ascend a qualitatively new level, and the professional skills received during the training are the key to successful future assignments, in particular, aspects related to the maintenance of peace in the Black Sea region, said the military official.

Ukrainian Navy Commander also thanked the US and all 13 participating countries for the hard work in partnership for peace. Praised the organizational skills of the Joint Staff exercises led by Captain 1st Class Denis Berezovsky and Commander Daniel Shebler he also expressed his gratitude to the representatives of other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, the authorities of Odesa and Mykolaiv, as well as heads of state enterprises Odesa Commercial Sea Port and the port of Yuzhny for their understanding and assistance during the exercise.

INFORMATION: The Ukrainian-American military exercise Sea Breeze series has been held since 1997. Started with the purpose of achieving inter-compatibility of Ukrainian and US fleets as well as fleets of other countries which have joined the NATO Partnership for the Sake of the World Programmemememememememe. The basic purpose is to increase alertness of the Navies of Military Forces of Ukraine.


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A little bit of histroy: Russia was always jealosy for the Ukrainian lands, people and riches. That is why it tried to destroy Ukraine several times, leaving the dust and ashes of comunism for the young people. But sche ne vmerla Ukrayna .Russia has the bless to have natural resources and sell to the world, many people get rich, while some others are still poorer and poorer. This is normal in a capitalist country. My regret is that Ukraine has nothing special to sell. To make steel and machines, needs to import energy, and the brilliant brains of Ukrainian computer engineers, physician and other graduates need the money from the government, that is still being corrupted for those who has the power, no matter the nationality.Show the students in Ukrainian campus. Show whoever anyplace. We must regret any kind of bad living condition, but we must be proud that the people are challenging the odds and seeking for a better life. Other people simply do not do anything and wait for the heavens to drop the answer.
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