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SSU reveals tobacco smuggling channel via Odesa Port
Jun 21 2010, 14:06

Security Service of Ukraine has revealed a contraband channel used to smuggle tobacco to Ukraine and the EU via Odesa Port.

According to the press centre of the Security Service, their officers revealed and suspended criminal activities carried out by a group of people who had been illegally smuggling tobacco to Ukraine and the EU countries though Odesa Commercial Sea Port. It was established that the smugglers we carrying out illegal transportation of cargoes from the customs zone of the Odesa Port providing forged documents to the customs service, and the correspondent offices of the port and customs terminal.

In June 2010 SSU officers detained a truck carrying two containers at the exit of the cargo terminal.

In the course of examination, the officers found discrepancy of the goods stated with the documents as to their availability and price. Instead of the declared cheap Christmas-tree decorations made in China, and electric bulbs made in Croatia, the containers were loaded with 1 million packs of cigarettes of well-known brands, their overall price equals to over UAH 18 million.

“Counterfeit goods had all signs of genuine cigarettes – documentary stamps, health warning and a Ukrainian company details where the cigarettes were claimed to have been produced. This could have caused significant loss to the state and Ukrainian makers” they stressed at the press centre.

The criminals intended to sell the cigarettes not only at Ukrainian domestic markets but transfer them to the markets of Western Europe and Great Britain.

The investigation is underway.


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Realita, 09:16 / 08.08.2013
Has UkrToday Uk any understanding of what I oraignilly wrote when he wrote this unintelligent comment:From my experience the most threats of violent and acts of intimidation have come from those who align themselves the Ukrainian Nationalists. Most being from the Diaspera based in then USA. Theor tools of trade are threats and acts of intimidation aimed at seeking to silence those that hold an alternative opinion to their own. They live and feed off a common sense of hatred.In my original comment I wrote that in Ukraine's two decade history the score of nationalist murders is:2 Russian versus 0 UkrainianRussian nationalism has shown itself to be aggressive and violent. Ukrainian nationalism (apart from a fringe represented by Tyahnybok types) is defensive, like Welsh, Irish, Catalan, etc.
rtrhakb, 02:52 / 06.10.2012
SK12lX <a href="http://rsrkecbwyriu.com/">rsrkecbwyriu</a>
Ashiq, 16:56 / 05.10.2012
Well, they asked for this with the high taxes which have brought the price per pack over $10. The other side of the coin is that the gorneemvnt gets addicted to the tax revenue and looks for ways to do favors for its $igarette oligarch partners who use their advertising muscle to get more kids hooked and keep the money flowing. If Mayor Bloomberg, who combined with Bill Gates to set up a $500-million anti-tobacco fund, really wants to reduce $igarette consumption he should promote local manufacture (jobs!) and export mass marketing of harm reduction utensils, i.e. 25-mg one-hitters to replace the intentionally addictive 700-mg $igarette format.
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