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Murder on Political Grounds: 21-year-old youth killed in Odesa
Apr 23 2009, 11:27

17 April, in the evening a 21-year-old youth was murdered in the downtown of Odesa.

Tatiana Khmelnitskaya, Chief PR inspector at Odesa State Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine told our correspondent about it today 21 April, during a telephone conversation.

According to Mrs. Khmelnitskaya, the murder was committed 17 April, 2009 in the evening about 22:00 on Aleksandrovsky Avenue. The murderer is known. The investigation is going on.

As the agency was informed at the Social-Nationalistic Assembly (SNA), the young man named Maksim Chaika was a student of the Department of Journalistic at Odesa National Mechnikov University and an activist of Odesa Oblast Organization Fame and Honour.

According to the information provided by the Assembly, a Fame and Honour activist died 17 April, at about 22:25 from knife wounds received in a fight with the members of the organization calling themselves the antifascists.

17 April 5 young men, Chaika among them, left the nightclub Nut and followed down along Aleksandrovsky Avenue towards Deribasivska Street. Passing through the book market, they came across a group of 7 so called antifascists. Realizing their superiority in number the antifa members rushed on the guys who in their turn repulsed a decent charge. The antifascists decided to apply unfair weapons. One of them took out a knife. There was a second uncontinuous fight after which the antifascists scattered and Maksim Chaika fell down with a knife wound. The knife stab happened to be fatal. In spite of all the attempts to stop the blood, his brethrens could not do it. The ambulance arrived in 20 minutes, and Maksim was delivered in the Raion Hospital with two stab wounds. In twenty minutes after the hospitalization the doctors stated his death. According to the doctors the wounds were not consistent with life, — they informed in the SNA.

As they informed in the SNA, there is a video recording of the fight made by the security camera of the book market, by the following morning almost all Antifa members were arrested by the militia.


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Ravi, 07:31 / 28.07.2012
How do you think the recent craioetn of the unified SK (and Medvedev's selection of Bastrykin) plays into all this? What about allegations that this is really the FSB's campaign against the GP? Wouldn't that impede DAM's ability to act against Bastrykin? Also, why move against the SK in the first place here? Isn't the GP the agency with the casino scandal?
akohbjsh, 19:42 / 27.07.2012
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Tomoyoshi, 11:20 / 26.07.2012
Sochi road goes through 20km of tunlens and has a parallel railway. When taking this into account, $7.6bn still sounds far too much, but not by orders of magnitude.What I'd love to see is your take on Skolkovo. The Silicon Valley Russians I know think it is everything from a much-needed, it's-here-at-last! modernization initiative, to a 100% corrupt slush fund.
Efrain, 02:56 / 26.07.2012
Excellent and interesting post. I have one minor dimeareesgnt, or perhaps it's just a matter of seeing something another way, but I took Mr. Medvedev's somewhat dramatic handwritten order as a signal that he expects immediate results (no time for all the diplomatic niceties) and does not wish to allow the possibility that the message will be muted by its passage through many hands. In the military, for example, receiving a message directly from Command rather than having it trickle down through management communicates an imperative that causes the bowels of subalterns to loosen in fear.I completely agree that Mr. Medvedev appears sincere in his desire for reform, and is not afraid to take a few risks to get there. Even if he does have Mr. Putin's muscle behind him, I'm beginning to admire him in his own right. The frantic baying of the Russophobes that he's a weak clone with no mind of his own only confirms for me that he must be sincerely working for Russia they normally tend toward fondness for anyone who's a truly greedy screwup likely to wreck the country.I'm hoping for Sochi 2014 to be a rousing success, for Russian pride if for no other reason, as I'll likely not be able to attend in person. But this and other well-known problems are going to have to be addressed if Russia is to come close to fulfilling its promise.
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