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VETEK group purchases 99.6 percent of stocks in LUKOIL-Odesa Refinery
Mar 06 2013, 14:18

Lukoil and the group VETEK (Eastern-European Fuel and Energy Company) have signed an agreement on the purchase-sale of 99.6% of stocks in PJSC LUKOIL-Odesa Refinery. The company and the Group VETEK signed an agreement on the purchase-sale of PJSC LUKOIL-Odesa Refinery. As a result, the VETEK Group will purchase 99.6% of stocks in the oil refinery. The deal is expected to be completed by June 1, 2013, once the parties carry out their prior commitments.

According to information, the sale of the Odesa Oil Refinery will be carried out in line with its plan to restructure the Lukoil foreign refining assets.

INFORMATION: LLC Eastern-European Fuel and Energy Company (VETEK) has been registered on February 28, 2013, in Kyiv. The company is headed by Andriy Koshel, the company office is located in the Arena City complex. VETEK unites energy assets, possessed by Serhiy Kurchenko, founder of the Gas Ukraine group of companies.

Lukoil has halted production at the Odesa oil refinery for scheduled repairs in October 2010, several months earlier against the appointed term. The company explained its decision by low profitability and the unfavourable situation on the Ukrainian market. The plant has not been put into exploitation following the shutdown.


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Kim, 03:35 / 02.04.2013
we are right and you are wrong It divides a naotin and worst still seek to vilify those that do not share their limited values. From my experience the most threats of violent and acts of intimidation have come from those who align themselves the Ukrainian Nationalists. Most being from the Diaspera based in then USA. Theor tools of trade are threats and acts of intimidation aimed at seeking to silence those that hold an alternative opinion to their own. They live and feed off a common sense of hatred.It is one thing to embrace and repect history and culture it is another to souse hatred and promote acts of voilence (Physical or threatening). Hatred breads hatred. It is a short step from being a naotinalist to a racistUkraine's greatest asset is its diversity of culture. be it Hungarian, Hutzal, Tartar, Russian , Swedish, German or Ukrainian.Nationalism is and can be a very dangerous and blunt weapon.The Ukrainian Nationalist movement (like all Nationalist movements) spouses the words of European Democratic ideals but their actions are far from democratic.The so called Nationalists represent a minority of 5% of the Ukrainian Population. Democracy is about giving every one equal opportunity and equal rights. It is not about imposing one set of value over the other. If you have no policies or constructive ideas you fall back on the notion of Nationalism. Us versus them.
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