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The Context-Prichernomorie turns 8
Mar 31 2011, 09:00

Today, 31 March, the Context-Prichernomorie is celebrating its 8 Anniversary.

We are grateful to everyone living and working near us, those who are our subscribers (some from the very first day), those who are the heroes of our news and publications, our partners, colleagues and simply friends.

We congratulate you all on our holiday!

INFORMATION: The News Agency Context-Prichernomorie is an independent organization specializing in the field of accumulation, analysis and processing of information.

It was founded on the basis of the Odesa representational office of the Context-Media. The Odesa representational office began to work in March 2003 within the framework of the nation-wide project MIA Context-Media. The first news feed came out on March 30th. Branch offices were opened in June and August 2003 in Mykolaiv and in Kherson.

Our website provides you with all our information products and you can also get online access to the Context-Prichernomorie news feed (Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson) and to the announcements of the planned arrangements.


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