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Yuzhny port: new conflict turn.
May 05 2008, 13:13
Yuzhny port: new conflict turn.

Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine considers that the only legitimate head of STP «Yuzhny» is Yury Kruk. It was said in the official Ministry of transport and communication statement concerning the raider capture attempt of the «Yuzhny» port spread by the press-service of the department.

The application says: «On April, 25th capture of the State enterprise «Sea trading port «Yuzhny» has been carried out. At 9:10 the armed group of unknown persons (nearly 300 persons) under the guidance of citizen Vladimir Vasiliev at participation of employees of the State executive service, having overcome guard resistance of on a post of the central checkpoint, have ostensibly got on the territory of the state enterprise which is under the control of Ministry of transport and communication.

The only proxy organ which controls State enterprise «Sea trading port «Yuzhny» according to the Law of Ukraine «About control of state ownership objects» and Regulations about the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, is exactly Ministry of transport and communication.

Labour staff of the port on behalf of trade-union committee supports Yury Kruk, director appointed by the ministry in the order established by the current legislation and condemns raider capture of port.

Ministry of transport and communication has declared that events of April, 25th are regarded as raider capture of the port. Attributes of the crimes stipulated by the Criminal code of Ukraine are seen in actions of raiders who have made an attempt to capture the port.

Chief of Sea trading port «Yuzhny» Yury Kruk has declared that classic raider scheme has been applied at «Yuzhny» port assault.

«I shall consider myself as the chief of port appointed by the Ministry, and the Ministry shall remove me from a post if it is necessary», Y.Kruk has declared.

As to Vladimir Vasiliev, he according to the press-secretary of port Irina Chibirova, considers, that «his dismissal was unreasonable and unfair. He declares that the port worked better at him».

At night 28 for April, 29th at 23:20 in territory of Sea trading port Southern the attack on employees of departmental protection who were on duty on a check point-2 has been accomplished.

As the press-secretary has noted that the chief of armed security forces Vyacheslav Agabekov and three of his subordinates were brutally beaten during the assault. Then assailants have made a pogrom in the security room.

«Hiding from dockers who have come to the rescue, 15 assailants have hidden within the precincts of a direction building which is being held for the second day in a row by Vladimir Vasilievs people. Victims with heavy traumas were hospitalized. Law-enforcement structures of the region and Minister of transport and communication of Ukraine were informed on the incident», the press-secretary of port has informed.

As it was informed earlier, open conflict for the port chief position has arisen in September, 2007. So, on September, 10th the press-service of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine (then headed by N.Rudkovsky) has informed the that the group of unknown persons with assistance of some former workers of port «Yuzhny» and at participation of a management of concern «Ukrmorport» have tried to carry out raider capture of «Yuzhny» port. The press-service of the port has declared later that there was no raider capture but was a representation of the new port chief Vladimir Vasilev by the head of state concern «Ukrmorport», several months before the deputy chief of port was dismissed from a post on social development. According to the results of negotiations with participation of minister of transport of N.Rudkovsky, and acting port chief of, the deputy chief Sergey Shepel has been appointed. However he had not even started to fulfill his duties.

On September, 13th Yuzhnensky city court has reinstated Vladimir Vasiliev as the deputy chief of Sea trading port «Yuzhny» on social development. According to the port press-service he has temporarily taken up the duties of the chief.

And on December, 29th Yury Yurievich Kruk has been appointed as acting chief of the State enterprise

On March, 6th, 4 persons have been registered as participants of competition on of a vacant post replacement of the chief of the State enterprise «Sea trading port «Yuzhny»: general director of SE «Ukrmorport» chairman of «Ukrmorport» liquidating commission Alexander Grigorashenko, acting STP «Southern» chief Yury Kruk, SE «Ukrmorport» deputy director on commercial, operational activity and strategic development Sergey Shostak, and also «Olimpex Coupe» stevedore company director Victor Yuhanov.

On April, 8th, State enterprise «Sea trading port «Yuzhny» acting chief Yury Kruk has won the competition on replacement of the port chief position vacant post, order on his assignation was signed the day after by the minister.


Pooja, 02:21 / 06.10.2012
Now I know who the brnaiy one is, I'll keep looking for your posts.
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