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The director of the Department of preparation and holding of Euro-2012 in Odessa was discharged
Nov 03 2008, 18:23

Odessa city mayor Eduard Gurvits discharged Andrey Terziev from the position of the director of the Department of preparation and holding of the final tournament of Europe Championship 2012 in football in Odessa of Odessa city council. A. Terziev was discharged of his own accord.

The ex-director thinks that the set tasks for the Department are are fulfilled and overfulfilled.

The coordination of the projects connected with the preparation for Euro-2012 in Odessa became systemic. Moreover, the modern technologies of the project management applied by the team of the city Department let Odessa not only pass on to the category of main cities that receive matches of Euro for a short period of time but also take leadership positions in the national program of preparation. The work of the city Department deserves high rates both from the side of the representatives of the national organizing committee and from the side of the experts of UEFA, A. Terziev noted.

According to the words of A. Terziev the coordination of the program of preparation for Euro-2012 in Odessa doesnt require the methods of crisis management anymore. The city program and the general plan of the preparation for the championship in Odessa are designed successfully and are in the phase of implementation in spite of political and economic crisis in the country.

On this phase not the crisis and creative management but the consistent and efficient control of points implementation is necessary. Political and economic crisis in the country sets new tasks. Its time to provide reliable support of programs of development of the city from business side. Goals that were defined in our team are achieved; the tasks are fulfilled and even overfulfilled. Im thankful to the city management and personally Eduard Gurvits for support without which achievement of such result would have been impossible. In the present situation I had not only grounds but also a moral right to end my work as the director of the Department Euro-2012 in Odessa and switch over to solution of less significant for the city tasks, the ex-director noted.


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