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German Evangelical Lutheran Church restored building to be opened in April
Feb 08 2010, 18:07

Odesa Oblast State Administration Religion and Culture Department informs the restored building of German Evangelical Lutheran Church is to be opened in April.

According to their information, Senior Counselor Claus-Jurgen Repke, who is in charge of restoring operations, predicts the church building will be opened after continuous restoring in April this year, after Easter.

The restoration began in 2000 involving German party in the process. Roman Catholic Community of Regensburg handed decorations for the church building: statues of Jesus Christ, St Paul and St Peter. The statues have already been placed above the altar. Icons are gifted by ordinary people as well. The walls and the ceiling were decorated by a young German artist from Bayern Tobias Kammerer.

After the church is open there will be an operating German Culture Centre.


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