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Yuriy Belonog stripped of Olympic gold
Dec 06 2012, 11:58

The International Olympic Committee executive board disqualified the medalist Yuriy Bilonog from Odesa of his 2004 gold due to doping and ordered him to return the medal that he won in the Athens Olympics.

The others are hammer throw silver medalist Ivan Tskikhan of Belarus and two bronze medalists ― women's shot putter Svetlana Krivelyova of Russia and discus thrower Irina Yatchenko of Belarus.

The IOC said it will ask the International Association of Athletics Federations to get the medals back from the four athletes and readjust the results and rankings from the Athens Games.

Until then, no decision will be taken on reallocating the medals. Adam Nelson of the United States finished second in the shot put in Athens behind Bilonog and would stand to move up to gold.

In 2004, the Athens Games produced a record 26 doping cases and six medalists ― including two gold winners ― were caught at the time. The retroactive tests bring the number of Athens cases to 31, including 11 medal winners and three gold medalists.


Nieves, 11:51 / 25.12.2012
I have to disagree with your obtisvareon on Jennifer Heil. She may not have been dancing in the streets with her second place finish, but what you saw was disappointment with not having won considering the pressure put upon her by the media etc. The media's obsession with the fact that no Canadian has ever won a gold medal at any olympics while competing on Canadian soil is probably exerting undue pressure on our athletes. Considering that she was the defending olympic champion in this discipline from the last winter olympics and the media pressure heaped upon her to repeat must have been a tremendous strain on her. I'm surprised that she didn't just wilt under the expectations and fail to medal altogether. What I think you saw was her reaction to the failure to attain what was not possible on this day. To equate her to Gordon Campbell does a disservice to her dedication to her sport and to her character which is unwarranted.I was very impressed by two of the athletes. The young lady who won the bronze exhibited the most excitement I can ever recall by anyone. When they presented the flowers after the event was over, she was just bubbling over with enthusiasm which was a joy to observe.The other was the way Kristi Richards dealt with adversity. She was obviously a medal contender, but adversity struck and she fell partway down the course losing a ski in the process. She could have just picked up her ski and walked off, but knowing that the Canadian fans were at the bottom of the hill, she picked up the ski, fought with the binding to get her ski back on then finished her run as if nothing was awry. She was one classy act.I dislike Gordon Campbell and what he stands for as much a you and many others do, but I think comparing him to any of Canada's athletes does nothing but a disservice to their dedication to the various sports that they represent. As far as I know none of them have lied, cheated or obfuscated to get to where they are. We can't say that about Gordo, can we?
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