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New flight Odesa-Istanbul to start 1 May from Odesa airport
Apr 17 2013, 11:26

The Ukraine International Airlines opens a new flight from Odesa to Istanbul airport 1 May. Regular flights will operate daily by plane Boeing-737 with two classes of service ― business and economy. Departure from Odesa is at 11:45, from Istanbul ― 14:15 local time. The way time ― 1.5 hours.

The new direct scheduled flight from Odesa ― Istanbul will be a pleasant surprise for travelers who have not booked a tour for May holidays. We tried to make the time of departure and arrival of the flights more comfortable for passengers, information officer of UIA Evgeniya Satskaya noted.

The press service added that the flight to Istanbul is not the only new direction, which UIA offers to Odesa travelers. In late March, the flight Odesa ― Tel Aviv was opened and the direct flights to Yerevan and Baku will expand the geography of the UIA flights in the summer 2013.

In addition to the opening of new routes, the airlines are starting a second daily frequency flight Kyiv ― Odesa ― Kyiv. The new flight will operate on Boeing-737.


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Luzinete, 07:51 / 11.08.2013
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Jieha, 09:29 / 08.08.2013
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