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Ukraine suggest BSEC countries adding Odesa-Reni Highway to the main rout of Black-Sea Circular Highway
May 15 2009, 14:40

During the meeting of the Ministers of Transport of BSEC countries Ukrainian delegation suggested adding Odesa-Reni Highway to the main rout of Black-Sea Circular Highway, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency was informed about it today, 15 May at the press-service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine.

According to the press-service, the meeting of the BSEC countries Ministers of Transport took place in Yerevan (the Republic of Armenia). Ukrainian party delegation was represented by a

Delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Igor Urbanskyi.

During the meeting Deputy Head of State Service of Automobile Roads of Ukraine Vladimir Paratsa stated one of the priority sectors of development of road-transport net in the Black Sea Region for Ukraine was the construction of Ukrainian part of the highway Reni Izmail Odesa Kherson Melitopol Novoazovsk. For the realization of this project both funds from the State Budget of Ukraine and the funds provided by investors are involved.

According to Mr. Paratsa, at present the building, reconstruction, and capital repair of the roads in the direction of the transport circle is carried out within the State Road Development Programme 2007 2011 adopted by Ukrainian Government.

Thus, in 2007 reconstruction of the road Odesa Melitopol Novoazovsk and the works on automobile road Around Odesa were begun.

New transport road knot passing by Mykolaiv, where on of the largest Ukrainian sea ports is located, was commissioned.

Mr. Paratsa also stressed taking into account the holding of EURO 2012 Football Championship in Ukraine adding Odesa-Reni Highway to the main rout of Black-Sea Circular Highway was our first priority. Road of common use will stretch 261 kilometres through Odesa Oblast. Main parameters of the highway shall provide moving of the transport with the speed 12o kilometres per hour. Approximate value of the building will make 12,9 milliard UAH including the value of the bypass bridge over the Dinstrovskyi Lyman 4 milliard UAH. Financing at the expense of investors on concessional principals (with regard to the Law of Ukraine About Concessions for Building and Exploitation of Automobile Roads) and at the expense of credits as well.

During the meeting of the BSEC members Ukrainian delegation offered a proposition to add Odesa Reni automobile road into the main route of Black Sea Circular Highway which ended in signing of the proper memorandum.

As the result of the meeting Signing of the Yerevan Declaration about the cooperation prospects in the sphere of transport in the BSEC region was signed. One of the main points of the declaration said building, reconstruction and maintenance of the BSEC roads will be the stimulus for further development of trade relations in the BSEC region as well as with Europe and Asia. The participants agreed to develop further modern transport routes and keep working on the training seminars and conferences aiming at experience interchange and the corresponding practice in the sphere of transport.


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