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Context-Prichernomorie celebrates the Seventh Anniversary
Mar 31 2010, 11:20

Today, 31 March, 2010 Context-Prichernomorie is celebrating its Seventh Anniversary.

We are grateful to everyone cooperating with us for all these seven years as well as to all our clients and subscribers, using the information we provide in their work and everyday routine.

Context-Prichernomorie is an independent news agency specializing and accumulation, operation and analysis of information.

The agency was created on the basis of Context-Media Odesa representative office that became operational in March, 2003 within the framework of Context-Media nation-wide project. The first news line was released on March, 30. Mykolaiv and Kherson branches were opened accordingly in June and August 2003.

Since October 2004 Context-Prichernomorie has been an independent mass-media resource certificate of the Ukraine State Committee of TV and broadcasting 119.

In 2005 in conjunction with mass-media development fund of the US Embassy in Ukraine the web-site Context-Prichernomorie at www.prichernomorie.com.ua was launched.

On March, 27, 2008 the news started being published in English, thus expanding world-wide.

Today agency produces around 100 pieces of news daily. Context-Prichernomories news line is a news line basis of corresponding headings of numerous newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and internet media resources.

Monitoring service traces printed mass-media resonances. This service processes more than 170 city regional and district editions of three regions. Political and business structures, remedial, ecological and public organizations use Announced Monitoring developed by the agency to evaluate the situation in media, carry out indicative and forward planning, and make their own image.

Analytical service is engaged in search, analysis and operative coverage of the basic events of the week of the social economic and political situation in the region; it also traces interesting topics through the printed mass-media and internet.


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