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Mayor: No reasons for not including Odesa into the EURO 2012 host-cities list named
Jun 12 2009, 16:17

ODESA, JUNE, 12th, 2009, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Mayor of Odesa City, Eduard Gurvits stated the UEFA Executive Committee had not named the reasons for not including Odesa into the EURO 2012 host-cities list, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Eduard Gurvits stated it in his interview to the Izvetsiya Ukrainy (News of Ukraine).

There is a joke: Killed with a word are finished off with silence. Really, the reasons having made the work of the UEFA experts senseless and having turned the winners to the outsiders of this continuous racing, have not been named so far. That is why we insist on hearing our claims in the International Sport Arbitration in Lausanne. And I do not mean just to be silent, since it will be worse both for the city and the country. We have nothing to lose though, as our citizens joke, the are going to deprive us even of that. The fair answer is important not only for me, but for all Odesa citizens and football fans in Ukraine too, — Mr. Mayor stressed.

We have strong reasons to state the UEFA Executive Committee members having made that decision were led astray by the people, though representing Ukraine, were guided by the considerations quite distant from the interests of the state and football. It is them, not the mayor of Odesa or Dnipropetrovsk disgrace Ukraine, undermine its authority and strengthen corruption in sport (and not only sport) organizations. I am ready to give more detail during the hearing of the case in the Sport International Arbitration in Lausanne.

But regardless whether we will obtain justice or not we will keep getting ready for the Championship. Regardless of anything else we will remain the largest tourist and sport centre of the country with dynamically developing recreation and tourism infrastructure. We are sure, when holding the Championship, whatever cities host its matches, Odesa will be visited by thousands of football fans from entire Europe, — Mr. Gurvits said.

By the way, a number of our sister-cities we have been making friends with for many years that supported including our city into the list of the host-cities (previous city administration was not in time to apply) also intend to address the UEFA to get explanations why Odesa had been refused. As an ambassador told me in a private conversation, he visited all the cities-pretenders, and as compared with Odesa, these cities (but for Kyiv) have no airports at all. Tell me, what city can boast of the fact one can drive from the airport to the city centre in ten minutes? In addition, 37 of our hotels have already signed contracts concerning accommodation of the tourists, coming to the EURO 2012. As you understand all those tour companies wanted to bring tourists to Odesa, — he added.


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