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Grinevetskiy: Eurasian integration can be a new model of economic development
Apr 12 2013, 13:56

ODESA, APRIL 12th, 2013, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― Member of Parliament, the Chairman of the Sub-committee on social protection of servicemen, their families, and military pensioners of the Committee on National Security and Defence Sergiy Grinevetskiy has stated that Eurasian integration can be a new model of economic development, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Sergiy Grinevetskiy noted it yesterday, 11 April, during his speech at the International Forum Eurasian Economic Perspective in St. Petersburg.

When we talk about integration at the Eurasian Space, we compare this process with European integration. But it would have been impossible without the establishment of trust between the two European countries ― France and West Germany. But the conflict between them defined the European, and in many respects the history of the world in the first half of the XX century. It became a source of two world wars, Sergiy Grinevetskiy noted.

In the post-Soviet states, especially Ukraine and Russia, there are no historical contradictions. But every year the confidence is decreasing. We are not talking about the peoples ― irreversible changes did not occur here. Nevertheless any kind of propaganda makes its negative contribution. The main thing is the lack of trust among elites. It is very difficult to maintain the proper level when the background talk of civilized unity unfolding gas or trade wars, he added. However, the Eurasian integration is an objective process. It is an inevitable reaction to the crisis of the liberal model of globalization. Recent events in Greece and Cyprus have shown that the West is moving away from liberal principles, returning to strict regulation. Eurasian integration can become a new model of economic development. It is conducive to a favorable geographical location of countries, a joint infrastructure, and high human, scientific and educational potential.

Speaking about the lack of trust, we should remember that it is appear in case of ignorance or knowing too much. For example, in the Ukrainian-Russian relations in just past three years more than 10 agreements and memoranda on the implementation of joint infrastructure and other projects were signed. Neither of them was implemented.

Finally there is one another important factor. So far, the dialogue on the integration is at the level of capitals. The integration will be stronger, if it will be complemented by strands of interregional relations. In my mind, it makes sense to create an Inter-Regional Assembly of the CIS. Modern Europe is a Europe of regions and interregional associations play an important role in the development of models of development, the formation of economic, cultural and educational space. I think that their experience would be useful for us also, the politician emphasized.


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