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Transnistrian problem not to be solved using strongarm methods, ex-president of Moldova says
Aug 28 2012, 13:11

ODESA, AUGUST 28th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE ― Ex-president of Moldova Petru Lucinschi says there is no way the Transnistrian problem may be solved with the help of force, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

This opinion was expressed by P. Lucinschi yesterday, 27 August, in Odesa during an interview in a TV show.

The answer is known. So we recently had the example of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. With countries like Moldova what can we achieve with the help of militarily force? This is ridiculous. And which of the big countries will want to be drawn into a new conflict in Europe? Its just stupidity of some politicians. This is plain impossible, he said.

As far as Russia is concerned. Of course, Russia supports Transnistria. On what basis? Yes, the explosions that happened were unusual for everybody. But the time passed. People began to say Transnistrian people. Say, in Russia one cannot say Ryazan people. I know that many people in Moscow do not understand the situation. Everything is at a sensual, emotional level..., added P. Lucinschi.

Why Russias relations with any of the former Soviet Republics arent successful? They should not interfere in peoples souls! Well, what difference does it make what language people speak? There is a book by Leonid Kuchma Ukraine is not Russia. Boris Yeltsin looked at it and said, Well, actually youre right, while others said, How come you could say that?. Yes, we have the same roots, but different psychological composition of the peoples. Moldovans have very special psychological composition. And let us live in our own region and develop!, said the former president.

I suggested Vladimir Putin we should make a contract of two paragraphs. First ― Moldova agrees not to post on its territory any military bases of other foreign countries, which somehow can be directed against Russia. The second point ― Moldova is not included in any military blocs that which would be anti-Russian. What else do you want? Give us life! No! Let the Russian language be the second state language. In our country everyone speaks Russian anyway. They begin to put forwardsome conditions, which are not fundamental. If one wants to make any comments, they should do it delicately, he said.


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