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ONAFT signed a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian company PT Purnama Sari LBN
Dec 02 2016, 16:25

Odessa, 02 DECEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT) signed a cooperation agreement with the Indonesian company PT Purnama Sari LBN in the development of new technologies in the processing of exotic fruits, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported today, 2 December, by a graduate student of ONAFT and chief technologist of PT Purnama Sari LBN Alexander Fedorov.

Considering the mutual benefits of cooperation in the field of agriculture and interest in the topic of the Presidents of Indonesia and Ukraine, the head of PT Purnama Sari LBN Mr. Ketut Sudra and chief technology officer of the company, a citizen of Ukraine Alexander Fedorov, proposed a project aimed at widening and deepening cooperation the agricultural sector, in particular, between farmers of the Indonesian island of Bali and the Odessa Academy of food technologies.

The need for such cooperation arose in connection with the fact that the loss of tropical fruits during their storage and processing on the vast plantations of the company amount to one third of the total harvest. Despite the fact that local gardeners in tropical climate of eternal summer grow 2 to 6 harvests per year.

In his letter to the rector of the Academy of Bogdan Yegorov Mr. Ketut Sudra stressed that «as a result of joint activities, ONAFT could become a pioneer in the research and creation of the newest technologies in the processing of exotic fruit in the tropical regions of our planet for the food industry and cosmetology. These perspectives on the one hand, could be attracted for training and advanced training at the Academy, hundreds of students and farmers from countries in tropical regions of the Earth. On the other hand to facilitate the supply of fruit and related products from Indonesia to the Ukrainian market and in the CIS countries and the EU, the development and preparation of a joint project for grants from international organizations dealing with problems of food».

Following the meeting, A. Fedorov and head of the Department of ONAFT, Professor Oksana Tkachenko, signed an agreement on joint research in the field of scientific interests of both sides, participation in international conferences, seminars, scientific meetings, exchange of students, researchers and academic staff, joint work for the preparation of applications for international projects and grants.

The initial period of the proposed project has as its objective joint research and development of technologies of scientists and experts, designed to explore the potential of tropical fruit, maximum preservation of their useful properties during their fermentation and dehydration. The Indonesian side has already made the first step in this direction and sent a formal invitation to conduct joint research on plantations in Bali.


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