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National Institute for Strategic Research Deputy Director: Recommendation brochure to be issued in two years time after Ukraines National Convention as to the EU
Feb 29 2012, 09:49

ODESA, FEBRUARY 29th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Deputy Director of the National Institute for Strategic Research Vasyl Yablonskyi says a recommendation brochure will be issued in two years time after Ukraines National Convention as to the EU, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Yablonskyi stated yesterday, 28 February.

Each country has its own way into the European Union. In particular, say the experience of Slovakia, our neighbour and partner, was to create Slovakias National Convention for EU, and I must say that in Slovakia during the operation of the Convention, more than 30 working groups were founded, unfortunately, we only have 4. Of course, our groups address various important large areas of cooperation and normalization of the areas of work between Ukraine and the European Union. The first group is EU Relations: European Strategy for Ukraine, and we understand that this is foreign cooperation, the second group is the economic one Ukraine and the EU one the way to a free trade zone this again is important issues related to economic development and the third group, the legal one is Cooperation in Justice and Domestic Affairs, the fourth group is Regional Measuring of the European integration strategy of Ukraine: regional development and interregional cooperation. In fact, the Convention was conceived for the period of approximately 2 years. Each working group is to hold about 6 meetings. Our group is conducting the fifth meeting. Two meetings related to the central region, and they were in Kyiv, one meeting in western Ukraine, in Uzhhorod, and one meeting concerned the problems of the eastern region in November last year was a meeting where we discussed regional issues of regional development of the eastern region of Ukraine. The very name of the convention provides for the equality of all participants, and obviously provides free communication. In addition, the results of our meetings we prepare recommendations, which then form the basis of final recommendations for the biennium of the National Convention and will be decorated in a pamphlet, said V. Yablonsky.


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