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Wine Cultural Centre Shabo to be added on the European wine museum map
Sep 19 2011, 16:43

ODESA, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Wine Cultural Centre Shabo will be added on the European wine museum map, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The European wine museum map was presented yesterday, 18 September.

Head of the project Wine, cultural and tourist exchange of the Culture and Heritage Council of Europe, Madelene Grossman, said This map reflects entire Europe and reflects all wine museums in Europe, including Shabo. With this map, perhaps, we should start the process of cooperation.

This map is the basis for us to be able to link various wine-producing organizations and the exchange between winemakers, among all those who own the resources in the field of winemaking. And we can talk about how financial flows work, how the economy of wine is built up, added the head of the project.

The entire wine sector in Europe should unite in a special community, and to make this community work together, and to and cooperate and compete more successfully in the wide world, said Ms Grossmann.

That is European culture, which is associated with areas of wine, so rich and so valuable to us all that it can be the subject of study and consideration. Ukraine is becoming a dot on the map, where wine making and wine culture are also available, and debate and discussion on wine, she pointed out.

INFORMATION: Production and trading wine company Shabo is vertically integrated wine-making holding with full production cycle, manufacturing all kinds of spirits based on grapes. Production capacities of the company are located in v. Shabo (Ukraine, Odessa region).

Great attention to each bunch of grapes on vineyards with area 1000 h, compliance high quality standards make Shabo company the model of growing the best grapes on Ukrainian market: since the companys foundation we have been carefully working over improvement of imported European grapes and over their adaptation to natural and climatic conditions of Shabo region. We also raise our own unique grape varieties which are ideal for our wine and brandy..


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