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Nibulon upgrading its fleet
Dec 08 2011, 17:01

MYKOLAIV, DECEMBER 8th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE — Nibulon is upgrading its fleet, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Nibulon’s press centre informed today, 8 December.

According to their information, the construction of their own fleet is a key step in the innovation patriotic project of Nibulon on the revival of the Dnipro and other rivers of Ukraine as a shipping transport waterway. In turn, water transport, river fleet is a key element of the Ukrainian economy and ensures the functioning of national economic mechanism. Freight transportation by river transport, revival of waterways is an integral part of the domestic economy development. Thus, Nibulon by particular actions, constructing own fleet, implements the strategy of the Ukrainian fleet development.

Long-time and reliable partner for our company, Mykolaiv design organization POSS Torola had already developed drafts of non-self-propelled vessels and tugs on the technical task of Nibulon.

Designing the next stage of shipbuilding programme on the revival of the Dnipro River is being currently continued. Specifically, construction of a new series of (shallow-draft) tugs and a series of new non-self-propelled vehicles is envisaged by the programme — for operational use on the Southern Bug River, shallow rivers, reservoirs, etc., as well as passenger catamarans (for the revival of river passenger transportation).

The relevant contract to address issues of planning the next stage of shipbuilding programme between Nibulon and POSS Torola was signed 5 December, 2011, with the participation of the Director General of Nibulon Oleksiy Vadaturskyy and the Deputy for Trade Andriy Vadaturskyy, the Chairman of the Management Board POSS Torola Stig Aga and the Director General Oleg Bogorodytskyy.

Signing has become particularly significant, as it happened in the 20th birthday of Nibulon. Thus during celebration of its anniversary, the young company has set new challenges for itself and will implement them successfully and consistently.

INFORMATION: Nibulon Ltd central office is located in Mykolaiv City, being a regional centre of the southern part of Ukraine. The region has been traditionally an agrarian one. Historical documents evidence that by the end of the 19th century the region was among the leaders of grain production in the Russian Empire. Besides, Mykolaiv is historically situated on the crossing of important sea waterways.


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