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New specialized vessel joined the port fleet of the administration of the port «Yuzhny»
Dec 29 2016, 13:28

Odessa, 29 DECEMBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — New specialized vessel joined the port fleet of the administration of the sea port «Yuzhny», the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, December 29, in the press service of the administration of the sea port «Yuzhny».

According to the press service, December 28 at the 1st pier of the administration of sea port «Yuzhny» has taken into operation a specialized multi-purpose ship «Sea Ant». The ship successfully made the transition from the Kherson shipbuilding plant, on the basis of which it was built to its home port.

In his speech the acting Chairman of SE USPA Yuriy Nakonechny said: «This is not just a ship, it's a big event for our country. This is a Prime example of public-private partnerships. This is a serious and welcome step for the Administration of seaports of Ukraine on protection of environment, nature protection in the seaports».

Congratulating those present on the remarkable event, the head of administration of the sea port «Yuzhny» Maxim Shirokov said that the «Sea Ant» is a very important acquisition for the sea port «Yuzhny». The ship, which we are adopting today is unique, which has no analogues on the Black sea. It is a modern, powerful, and economical. This oil skimmer will be able to completely replace two existing boats providing services for the sanitary collection in the port «Yuzhny». The ship has ice class and the class of tow that will allow us to continue delivering services to our customers at any time of the year, but also to perform in-port work, the needs of offshore and outside organizations.

REFERENCE: Due to the design features, multifunctional oil skimmer «Sea Ant» can perform the functions of a tug, for booms installation, support vessel and the bunkering barge fresh water and fuel. Also, the vessel may participate in fighting fires onshore and located in the waters of the objects and has ice protection ICE 2. Oil skimmer is equipped with modern navigation systems, means of salvation, additional means of dealing with emergencies, as well as comfortable accommodation for all crew members. This versatility allows the ship to save budgetary resources and will create an additional 18 jobs.

The tender for the construction of the oil skimmer was announced on 12 August 2015. The winner was the shipbuilding holding Smart Maritime Group (Kherson production site), LLC «Smart Maritime group», where was designed and built oil skimmer. The work was carried out from 24 November 2015.

The length of the vessel is 20 meters, width 8 meters, gross tonnage of 110 tons register, Board height — 3.15 m. the Ship can reach speeds up to 9 knots, pulling force 8 tons, draft – 2.05 m, width of water surface of 20 meters. Performance of fire protection systems of the vessel is 400 cubic m/hour on water and 100 cubic m/hour on the foam. NMS can operate in the thin ice thickness up to 55 cm. On a ship there is a electro-hydraulic cargo crane type MAR 600-5-10, lifting capacity 5 tons with a maximum reach of up to 10 meters, 2 diesel-gear unit consisting of the main engine. System for the collection and storage of petroleum products includes a device for collecting oil spills from water surface, oil collecting device of the type «Multi Skimmer LMS» is a floating skimmer, removable tanks for petroleum products with a volume of 30 cubic meters.


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