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Port «Yuzhny» puts into operation the First starting complex with the depth of the approach channel to 19 meters
Oct 24 2016, 16:47

ODESSA, 24 OCTOBER 2016, CONTEXT-Prichernomorie — Administration of the seaport «Yuzhny» starts the continuation of the project «Reconstruction of the sea channel and inland approaches to deepwater berths SE «Sea Commercial Port «Yuzhny» and Commissioning 1st starting complex with the depths of the parameters in the approach channel to 19 meters, the correspondent of IA «Context-Prichernomorie» reports.

It was reported to the agency today, October 24, in the press service of the administration of the «Yuzhny» seaport.

The press service noted that the project «Reconstruction of marine approach channel and inland waterway approaches to deep-water berths SE «Sea Commercial Port «Yuzhny» has been implemented since 2012. His goal is to achieve a depth of 21 meters on the approach channel and 19 m at the berths №№5, 6. Thus, after the reconstruction, the draught for large vessels (SN-200) in the approach channel reaches the value of 19 meters.

In the framework of this project to date, the work performed in a volume of 10.36 million cubic meters, which gave the opportunity to achieve depth in all areas of work in the sea port «Yuzhny» at 19.0 meters allowed from June 2014 in a pilot mode to declare draught for vessels handled at berths No. 5 and No. 6 (port operator of SE SCP «Yuzhny») to 18.5 meters.

Due to the appreciation of the funds needed for this project, in October 2014 the contractor (LLC «Moebius Construction Ukraine»), it was decided to suspend work on the project. In connection with this design correction has been made, which provides a breakdown of project start-3 complex. 1st start-up complex: depth in approach channel is 19 meters width: 140 meters; the manoeuvring area and the approaches to berths № 5,6 — 19 meters. On the actual depth of the channel, the manoeuvring area and the approaches to berths No. 5, 6 given 1 meter operational navigation stock will be declared the corresponding sediment.

2nd start-up complex provides channel expansion up to 230 and 210 meters (on the inner portion of the camp-channel) depth of 20 meters.

3rd starting complex: the depth of the approach channel — 21 meters.

Deepening of berths №№5, 6 to 21 meters is planned after the reconstruction of a separate project resulting in sediment at the berths will be increased to 19 meters.

To date, the Administration of the seaport «Yuzhny», according to the approved project of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, proceeds to continue its implementation, namely the commissioning start-up complex 1 with depth parameters in the approach channel to 19 meters and a draft of the relevant project; holding, under the current legislation, a tender to determine the contractor (executor) works on the implementation of 2 and 3 launch complex project.


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