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Opinion: Ukrainians become the poorest people in Europe
Feb 28 2012, 14:40

ODESA, FEBRUARY 28th, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Chair of the faction of the Ukrainian Nation-Wide Union Fatherland at Odesa Regional Council Sergiy Veselov says Ukrainians have become the poorest people in Europe, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Mr Veselov has stated it today, 28 February, during a press conference at Context-Prichernomorie.

Over the past two years, Ukraine has taken an honourable fifth place in the top ten of the worst economies of the world. Ukrainians have become the poorest nation in Europe. According to the UN in Ukraine, four out of five Ukrainians live below the poverty line, and that makes 80% of the population. Last year, in order to survive, 85% of Ukrainians were forced to save on food, clothing, medicines. According to experts, by the end of 2012 the army of the poor will have increased by 10%. Ukraine didnt fall so low, even during the global crisis of 20082009, said the head of the faction.

Raising of the retirement age, the abolition of Chornobyl benefits, Afghans, children of war, the introduction of the Tax Code, which destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses, deprive Ukrainians and their families of normal modes of existence. And the ever-increasing rates for communal, telephone, water, electricity, gas, and a general increase in food prices are making Ukrainians life miserable in this country, Mr Veselov added.

In Odesa region, of the 50 targeted programmes only 32 were implemented last year. The necessary funds were not found in the regional budget for the remaining 18 programmes. The mass closure of schools, hospitals, pharmacies and even railway stations has been really improving life already today (official motto of President Yanukovych during the 2009 presidential campaign), he stressed.


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