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International workshop for trade-union personnel held in Odesa
Apr 11 2011, 10:24

ODESA, APRIL 11th, 2011, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE On April 48 2011, an international workshop for trade-union personnel The Role of a Leader in the Development of a Trade Union was being held in Odesa, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

The agency has been informed about it today, 11 April, at the press service of the Audit Administration.

According to the press service, the trade union of state officials in Ukraine in cooperation with the Swedish Trade Union «Fackforbundet ST» 48 April 2011, held an international seminar on: The Role of Leader in the Development of a Trade Union.

The participants of the seminar were representatives of trade unions of state agencies in Sweden (ST) and Ukraine, the officers of the regional committees, chairmen of boards of youth organizations, trade union of state institutions in Ukraine.

The teachers of the Centre for Trade Union ST and the School of Senior Civil Service MDCSU devoted their speeches to the main aspects of the formation of trade unionists in leadership qualities. They were talking about the methods and forms of trade unions for the protection of human rights and socio-economic interests of citizens, social dialogue, social activities, work with the youth, the press service informed.

Chairman of trade union of postal workers in Sweden, a representative of ST Michael Anderson noted that the majority of young people in Sweden believe that the Swedish government is concerned about all employment and labour market matters. Swedish law gives the right to conduct collective bargaining with the employer, and it is carried out exactly by the union. Union members participate in discussions such as wages and working conditions. And it convinces people that the union plays an important role in society.

We teach members of the union to protect collective bargaining, the employer will not worsen working conditions. The views as to the understanding of the necessity of collective agreements are rapidly changing in our society very. Therefore, the credibility of trade unions in Sweden is very high they added at the press service.


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