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The Greek diaspora in Odesa protesting against expansion of the Zoo at the expense of the former First Cemetery
Feb 21 2012, 16:32

ODESA, FEBRUARY 21st, 2012, CONTEXT-PRICHERNOMORIE Representative of the Odesa Regional Greek Community, member of the board of an organization under OSCE Ms Irina Goloborodko says the Greek diaspora in Odesa will take any possible protesting measures against expansion of the Zoo at the expense of the former First Cemetery, Context-Prichernomorie correspondent reports.

Ms Goloborodko stated today, 21 February, during a round-table meeting About the situation around the Odesa Zoo and former First City Cemetery.

The question of salvation pf the First Christian Cemetery has been raised in our city for a long time... At first they wanted to build a palace of sports on the bones, but the citizens of Odesa broke these plans and defended their rights. It is also a small island of green space in the centre of the city, and, without it, everyone would be choking... I am a descendant of one of the great founders of the city, my ancestors remains lie in that land, and now they want to destroy this historic site. That dance on the bones lasted for 70 years, and today we even dare suggest throwing the remains of deceased people. In my opinion, no ethnic group or religion lets treat the dead in this way. The Greek diaspora has long advocated the idea of allotting a piece of land, which is approximately on the plan to restore the Temple of All Saints. The Greek Diaspora addressed Mr Bodelan (Ex Governor Edit.) and appealed to the Mr Gurvits. Then, it was decided to remove the trade pavilions and erect a memorial park. And then Kostusev came in office there were 333 visiting committees, who said of all the screens that there would be a memorial park complex everything will be. There is a good slogan for Kostusev I promised, and I did it. And what did Mr Kostusev do today? Mr Kostusev violated a total of 12 regulations and legislative acts of Ukraine and is going to build a shopping and entertainment complex and expanding area of the zoo in the middle of the cemetery through this area, said Goloborodko.

At once I want to say something to the zoo staff: I love animals... but not at the expense of the remains, and the memory of the great Odesa citizens, who built this city, they were fame of this city. The zoo shouldnt be extended at their expense. Sometimes we were going too far destroyed the Jewish cemetery, but buildings arent built in there. I want to promise everybody: Believe me, I will defend this territory to my last breath. I will protect and honour and the memory of Odesa and its citizens. The Greek diaspora is ready for any action if they do not hear us in a civilized way and do not understand, she added.


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